We all need to take time every day to nurture and take care of ourselves, especially now.

Self care is not being selfish, it’s being wise and proactive.  These are stressful times: Covid pandemic, fires out of control, economy in a downfall.  More than ever we each need strategies to diminish our stress and take good care of ourselves.

An easy one could be taking a minute or two for deep breathing or meditating easy ways to activate the parasympathetic-relaxation response.  Dr. Andy Weil’s 4,7,8 breath is simple to learn and do. 

Humming is another simple strategy for relaxation. To HUM,  take a deep breath in and exhale with your mouth closed, hummm.  A few minutes will tune you up. 


Nurturing self care could mean a warm bath surrounded by candles and soft music.

It could be talking to a close friend.

Turn off the news, Facebook, take some time to laugh.

HUG, give or get a virtual hug.  

Pet your dog or kitty (feel your kitty’s purring hum).

Make a pot of soup, a tray of cookies.

Feed your sourdough starter.

Sit in prayer or contemplation for 10 minutes.

PAINT or draw, do something creative.

Swim, take a walk in nature when the air is healthy.

Nurturing can also mean taking care of some one else, making and taking them a meal.

Whatever it is to you  – take a few minutes every day to nurture yourself and your cells.  They will love you for that.  Fall in love with your cells and self.  

Practice Gratitude.

Do some Qigong




The above picture is a merger of the minerals associated with Capricorn earth and Pisces water.  I call it Nurturing.