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Sustainable Energy Practices – QIGONG

Logging on is a simple series of movements that come from Taoist longevity qigong.Qigong, the parent of Tai chi, is said to originate from ancient shamanic dance. More information below.

I’ve been teaching this practice that I call “Logging on” for more than 3 decades and the series has been written up in both my books – Secrets of Your Cells (Sounds True 2013) and Ultimate immunity (Rodale October 2014). After reading about it, people requested a video that shows them exactly how to do it, so here’s a downloadable video.


Qigong: What it is and how it can benefit you.

Thousand of years ago the shamans in China were looking for ways to help people heal their aching joints when the weather was damp and people were exhausted. They watched how animals moved and thought by embodying those movements people could help heal their aches and pains. Thus, qigong was born.  The ancient healers learned ways to maintain their energies in times of trouble and hunger, joy and well-being. By observing themselves and the effects of their practices they became aware of how their bodies worked. By attuning to their breath, body tensions, and mental states they developed health-enhancing qigong.  Over the years these practices were handed down from master to student, and now to us.  Just as the energy in our cells is hidden from our naked eye so too is the energy the early people explored, codified into what worked and what didn’t.

Qigong, the 5,000-year-old parent of tai chi, emphasizes the cultivation and balance of qi (chi), or vital energy.  According to the Chinese system of medicine (TCM), everything is energy, with illness resulting from a blockage or imbalance in that energy. Doing qigong moves energy that might be stuck in the body.  You don’t have to believe in qi to experience the stress -reducing benefits.

Benefits of qigong:

These are gentle low impact exercises, good for all ages.  Many oncologists recommend their patients with cancer learn qigong since it enhances their healing and well-being. It lessens fatigue, depression and stress. In other words, a regular practice of qigong can enhance the quality of life for anyone.

Why did I name this series “logging on”?

When you begin the series you anchor your feet onto the earth feeling yourself rooted and connected to Mother Earth.  You also imagine that there’s a cord of energy connecting you to Heaven or the sky.  In this way you’re connecting to the universe – logging on to the universe, booting up and getting started to build your relationship with qi or energy or life. Like turning on your computer you’re getting your energy connected to the invisible sources of energy.

NOTE: Here’s a link to some more science about benefits of qigong and tai chi

Published information in my books about this practice:

In Secrets of Your Cells Chapter 5 Culitivating Energy p 119-120 and Appendix 2 Qigong Body Prayer Series descriptions – p 219-226

In Ultimate Immunity Chapter 6 Get Moving for Better Immunity – explanations and illustrations p 188-194



VIDEO  Meet Your Cells.  They are always in the NOW

AUDIO: BODY AWARENESS – Where do you hold tension in your body?



Why Gratitude?

It too changes our energy, a different mode than qigong.  No matter what’s going on, we can always find something to be grateful for.  The Gratitude Blog includes an audio of the guided visualization and lots of resources, research on the healing power of gratitude.

I talk about this meditation in Secrets of Your Cells and my first experience leading it in large groups was after 911.  I had been scheduled to teach about stress and energy to health professionals.  Unexpectedly, the timing and place was 2 weeks after 911 to places directly effected by that act of terrorism. It helped people on the front line and was part of my first CD.  Enjoy it free on the next page.  Stay well.  What do you appreciate right now?