Do you drink coffee, like the smell, the morning ritual? 

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance that occurs naturally in coffee, cacao and tea. Manufacturers may add it to sodas, energy drinks and other products. There has been a long controversy about whether coffee is good for us or not.  And though I will mention some of the potential health benefits, it’s all about moderation and of course, individual chemistry.

Caffeine as a stimulant activates the central nervous system (CNS).  It can energize us as well as make us jittery or hyper. It may counteract feeling tired, but so can hydrating yourself, drinking some water.  Caffeine can enhance concentration

Most of the research studies on health benefits did not include other lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, or social support. Coffee consumption was the only varying factor, drink it or not.  So take this with a grain of sugar.

Though some experts reported different health benefits from coffee, that doesn’t prove that coffee prevents these conditions but seemed to play some part in health.  Lifestyle plays a huge part in our health and risk for an illness. It is not  just one thing.

Coffee drinkers were less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia.  Moderate consumption of 2-4 cups a day my protect us against liver cancer, improve memory, and add healthy years to our life.

Caffeine – what’s it good for

Caffeine quantities in common beverages 

How much Caffeine in that cup of java?

The negatives of caffeine

Too much stimulation can lead to a racing heart rate, anxiety, restlessness, impaired sleep

It’s all about how much you consume.  Studies looked at caffeine consumption at 300 mg per day, and even up to 6-8 cups.  From this link you can see how much caffeine content can vary.


So if you want to limit your caffeine consumption, consider purchasing this new caffeine cup.  You can look at caffeine without consuming it.  Will it give you the jolt of energy you want?  Well some other research indicates that the brain doesn’t distinguish what’s actual from what’s imagined or visualized.  So as you look at the caffeine image, visualize that you are consuming the perfectly healthy amount. 

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