This Saturday, October 14 there will be the cosmic spectacle of a solar eclipse.  It will be an annular eclipse, not a total solar eclipse. In an annular eclipse, the sun is not completely covered by the moon; only the outer edge of the sun is visible, hence it is called the ‘ring of fire,’ see image above.


The last annular solar eclipse visible in the Western US was in 2012, eleven years ago.  Most of us will not see the ‘ring of fire’ yet we still have a spectacular event of a partial eclipse to watch, with safety for your eyes, please.


The moon’s shadow over the sun will move quickly at 5585 mph.  We have about 4 minutes to watch that part of this cosmic event. Most of us will be able to view a partial eclipse  beginning at 8:05 am in California ending at 10:43 am.



Can you imagine what our ancient ancestors thought when the sun disappeared?  No astronomical explanations were available or internet to look for answers.  Will the sun return or is it lost forever?  What fear must have been invoked.  Awe in every sense of the word. Of course, over time, this cosmic event began to be viewed through science as well as a spiritual or metaphysical lens.  


According to some modern astrologers, an eclipse can be a life-changing time of transformation. Some say a solar eclipse can power us into our true path, perhaps one we’ve been resisting.  This solar eclipse hints at a spiritually significant change that will shape our cosmic journey and transformation. And with this eclipse in the zodiac sign of Libra, it propels us to embrace transformation in our relationships with others, the elements, and ourselves.  Let’s intend that this transformation brings peace and harmony in the Middle East.  


However you interpret or experience this new moon solar eclipse, it certainly could be a moment of awe. It portends a dramatic change and opens the portal for new beginnings.  Chaos may increase, you may feel anxious and worried.  (Look what is happening globally and politically) So this is a good time to be quiet, meditate and reflect.


I’ve not paid much attention to eclipses before except to see them. This one seems particularly potent especially because my birthday is in 10 days, the last moments the sun will be in the Libra. This is also close to the full moon lunar eclipse.  For me, birthdays are always a time of reflection and change, what’s my intention for the next turn of the wheel.  Tomorrow will be a perfect day to begin tuning in.


Eclipses tend to supercharge the energies of the new moon,   Solar eclipse energy brings extra power to the reflective, introverted mood of a new moon. A solar eclipse fills us with quiet power.  So this Eclipse is a good time to think about what you have been holding onto that you now need to let go of. This New Moon is all about a restart, meant to nudge us back to the path we are destined for that we may have drifted from.


When I started on my science-healing path my goal was to educate children and look how I’ve meandered off that path.  Of course, when I teach adults, am I not teaching the child in them?


The Libra season is all about balance, beauty, harmony, and relationships, keeping the peace. Keeping peace within ourselves and I also ask that this eclipse bring peace to Israel and Gaza and the Republican party so that life can be more in harmony and awe.  

Engage with Libra Energy
  • Declutter and beautify your home and yourself
  • Communicate and express what’s  important to you
  • Create inner harmony with self-care

The eclipse energy may cause you to feel out of balance, which may inspire a reset. Make sure you are grounded. Take a look at the micro image for the Libra moon. Amidst all the chaos on the bottom, you still find balance.  A good reminder of now.


Take time to acknowledge where you need to let go and make a big change, even if it is just in the planning stage. If you have clarity about what needs to be changed or cleared out, do it now.


Open to new possibilities and new inspirations. This is a creative time to ask for support and acknowledge how changing the vibration of your thoughts changes your whole life.  Witness and experience gratitude, inner peace and beauty.  Let the eclipse bring you a moment of awe, that for sure changes your vibration.  


Consider during this new moon where you need to create more balance in your life, your emotions, the spiritual, elemental and physical realms.| Are you out of balance?  I sure am.  

With the Air element that we are in now, ask yourself if you’re balancing time spent in mental endeavors with time connecting to other people as well as your physical and emotional worlds.  Take this auspicious time to set yourself on the path that expresses your higher good, balance, and beauty.