On the New Moon we plant our intention and vision for our future. 

On the Full Moon we look at how those visions are being revealed.  This shows us where we may be blocking our intentions from becoming realities.

In the dark of the moon we set our intentions for the next lunar cycle, hoping to bring them to fruition.  Two weeks later on the Full Moon we have the light to see how we are doing.  Let the light of the full moon to show you what may be in the shadows hiding.  Take time to look and listen – in meditation, in dreaming, in creative expression. 

This next supermoon occurs on Friday, Sept.29. This full moon with the Sun in Airy Libra and the Moon in Fiery Aries, we have both a dilemma and divine partnership.  The dilemma, Libra is about balance, harmony, and relationship.  Aries is about being the innovator, out on our own, full steam ahead, no matter what.  Relationship vs. independence.

Yet these seemingly opposing elemental energies need each other to manifest visions and beauty.  Air ignites Fire while Fire transforms and excites Air.  Passion grows with focused intention.  Try lighting a candle in a vacuum, it won’t happen.  Our thoughts about our intention have to excite us.  Our passion needs to be aroused to make dreams happen, otherwise, they are sitting in a vacuum.  The calming effect of Libra on Aries prevents burnout or too much impulsiveness without wise thoughts.. 

This is indeed a magical time, embrace it for your highest vision. Here’s what the Microcosmic Wisdom oracle cards show us.




And if you look at the Alchemy of Libra-Aries as expressed by their microcosmic minerals, it expresses true partnership.  October is a perfect time for you to discover what brings you passion and balance with a personal AstroElemental Reading.