Until that movie came out most people didn’t entertain the idea of a shape of water. 

Yet if you were going to imagine a geometric shape for water, which would it be of these 4 shapes? 

The summer solstice begins when the sun moves into the water sign of Cancer.  And today July 17, the moon also moved into the water sign of Cancer – so we are now in New Moon and double water times.  What does that mean?

When we consider the water element symbolically it indicates fluidity, flexibility, our emotions and going to the depths of our being.  When we think of the water element in terms of physical matter, it is liquid and changeable.  Water can transform into gas as steam and become solid as ice.  Keep it flowing


When we think of water, in terms of nature and our environment, it is the life blood of the planet and our selves.  We must do our part, now to keep our waters clean.  Keep the plastics out, keep the drugs and chemical wastes out.    Stop using plastic bags. Support businesses and organizations that make it their purpose to clean up the oceans such as: 

The Ocean Cleanup               Surfrider            Ocean Conservancy

And then there are the waters of our body, our fluids, our blood, sweat and tears.  When we consider what’s essential to our health -we must stay hydrated especially in times of great heat. Yet adequate fluid intake is essential all year as is the quality and purity of what we put in our bodies.Our internal waters carry the molecular messages of our emotions.  Always in motion.  

Then, of course, there’s the power and energy of water.  Our cosmic birthright, the gifts of that element and the lessons of its challenges.  Explore how to make the most out of the elements of your birth.  

I never gave any thought to the shape of water until I photographed through the microscope, the 12 mineral salts associated with the Zodiac.  All minerals in water signs of the Zodiac revealed curvy, wavy shapes. Fluid. 

While Earth signs were round and solid. What about air and fire??? If you are curious about this discovery and how it could be useful to you, 

The mineral salt, calcium fluoride, associated with Cancer on the left, looks like this under the microscope. The Pisces mineral, iron phosphate is on the right.  Both revealing the shape of water.  The 3rd one is Scorpio.  Using our imagination and intuition we can discover a lot about ourselves, our watery nature.