New Moon, Monday July 17

The New Moon, the dark of the moon, is not visible to us because the sun and moon are next to each other.

If you connect with the Moon’s energy during this time, you can nourish an idea, dream or intention that you are ready to grow. This time is about new beginnings, so allow yourself the opportunity to think about, intuit your intentions, dreams, and wishes.

Think of the New Moon as a fresh start as well as a time for a personal retreat, an inner time when you can nourish your magic and intention to begin anew. Be receptive to this recharging energy of the new moon. Let it wash away any thoughts that hold you back.

Unplug and give yourself alone time. You may feel more inner, wanting to be alone rather than going to a social gathering. Pay attention to these feelings and embrace them.

As the moon turns its dark side toward us, turn yourself inwards.

This is especially true for this New Moon in Cancer on July 17 where the moon is in her home, Cancer. When both Sun and Moon are in the Cancer sign of the Zodiac, this is a rich and deep Water time.

The Water element emphasizes emotional energy and strong intuition. Take time to listen, be receptive to the magic of your soul talking.

For this new moon in Cancer you may want to create a ritual, set up sacred space to tune in, and receive the profound wisdom and information coming to you at this time.  For sure, take time to nurture yourself and your intention. 

We are all water beings, whether or not we have any water element in our birth chart. Honor your deep inner wisdom and take time for yourself, away from any distractions. If you’ve been dreaming of starting something new, begin now. 

And in honor of this profound water time I initiated a new public Facebook group – AstroElemental Explorers focusing on discussing and learning together about the four elements of air, water, earth and fire.  This is my first ever public group.  Come join us if this is of interest to you.