If Emoto’s messages in water piqued your curiosity, be amazed by the messages in molecules of your birthday

With a microscope she had been using to investigate human leukemia cells, Dr. Sondra Barrett began photographing the molecules of life.  She was first intrigued by their beautiful abstract expressions and colorful patterns. She loved sharing this art in science in her teaching cell biology and mindbody health (PsychNeuroImmunology).

Her life radically changed when she photographed twelve mineral salts with her microscope. These molecules said to be associated with the zodiac revealed four geometric shapes.

Curious, she wondered whether there was any category or pattern of four things in astrology.

There was! The four elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

In astrology, each of the signs of the Zodiac corresponds with one of the four elements and the four shapes aligned perfectly with the four elements.

Ancient metaphysical wisdom was uncovered within our very own molecules. These mineral salts of the Zodiac also are part of our cells. 


The Zodiac and the constellations of the stars and planets are key to Astrology and Astronomy.  Astrology can be looked at as astronomy with metaphoric, symbolic, and personal messages.  Science, art and the sacred ancient wisdom, all together.

This amazing discovery led to uncovering the messages in a person’s birth chart producing a new visual system that generated the AstroElemental Code or Signature.

The expanded vision of the microscope revealed:

  • all the rounded forms came from Earth sign mineral salts,
  • wavy shapes were seen only from Water sign minerals,
  • square and rectangular shapes came from Air sign minerals 
  • hexagons from Fire signs. 

How was this possible that molecules revealed such metaphysical meanings? How did such wisdom get into the molecules?

Add to these 4 sacred geometric symbols the astrological, psychological and nature wisdom of the elements you have the makings of a powerful inner wisdom system.  Messages for guidance and initiation into the power and magic of the elemental you. 

After a 2-year hiatus of AstroElemental readings not being available, you can now discover the wisdom messages embedded in your AstroElemental code with a unique reading by me, Dr. Sondra Barrett, the person who discovered and developed this unique system. Discover more about the awesome you.  And in celebration of my birthday this month, I’m offering these readings at a reduced cost. 

Knowledge often begins in magic, and in the history of ideas, Magic always preceded science. ~Albert Einstein