When we look at the cosmic energies for this moon along with the microcosmic energies, they tell us a potent story of making life happen.  Taurus is the builder of form meaning now is a good time to plant seeds for bringing your dreams into form and manifestation.  New Moons are always times to reflect, be in your quiet self to listen to what wants to be born.  

When we look at the story as told by the MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards, it says when we learn to appreciate ourselves, see and know our value then we grow into that person,  In other words when we have gratitude for our life, with all the wins and challenges, we open to our possibiility of going BIG for the highest good of ourselves and others.  


Taurus sun is Appreciation, Taurus moon is Growth.   Let these images and guidance speak to you. 

You might even want to write your responses to either or both of these prompts

APPRECIATION: How well do you appreciate your spiritual practice? How can it balance or align with practical perspectives or shifting your thoughts and beliefs?

GROWTH:  What passion are you ready to embody and make real?