How do we get deeper into knowing ourselves without going to therapy?

Growing in self-knowledge is a lifetime journey and one of my favorite and most productive approaches has been through metaphysics. 

Tuning into the esoteric plus  learning and sharing my growing wisdom about the magic of the 4 elements has been a primary portal.  Having my sense of self be confirmed or enhanced by elemental considerations has been useful in my growing knowledge about my inner self. -I still have a long way to go.

Yesterday I watched a presentation by Laurie Zelinski (on Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle Circle). on tuning into the phases of the moon, which was profound.  In terms of the moon, I’ve only paid attention to my moon sign and when the moon is new or full. 

Laurie described 8 phases of the moon. That the moon phase under which we are born is considered to be a powerful time for self-growth. She suggested by tuning into that phase of the moon every month we can learn a lot about our self. This our lunation birthday. I was watching this presentation when the moon was waning gibbous (#6).  And “coincidentally” that is the moon phase I was born under.  I didn’t know that until last night.

Click here to find the moon phase you were born under Fill in your birth data and scroll down to the moon phase.

Why am I telling you all of this? I learned a lot about the inner me. The description of people born under this moon phase fit me to a tee in terms of my passion  to share what I’m learning to serve others or their higher good.   Sounds like me.

And what came to my mind was for any of you who decides that you are saying yes to YES, bring a friend with you at no additional cost.It’s fun to share what we are learning.