I am having so much fun exploring my MicroCosmic Wisdom (MCW) oracle cards.  Let’s face it when I created these cards I didn’t even know what oracle cards were.  Since the structure of the images is based on the 4 elements of the Zodiac, I was mainly using them to create readings related to astrology and birthdata – the Cosmic Code readings.  Of course, I was using them daily to ask simple questions, like what do I need to know for today (yes, an oracle card reading).  

Then I did my first 3 card reading this week for past, present and future.  The cards I pulled were so fitting and aligned with what I knew for myself.

Past DISSOLUTION (let go of what may be holding me back, fears self doubt etc, you know that kind of stuff.  

Present CONNECTION  is all about connecting with people, conversation, sharing ideas.  Also right on  both personally and professionally, I need to CONNECT more.

Future INITIATION – entering a whole new phase of my life.

So once I dissolve and let go of mental emotional blocks in the way of my connecting and reaching out to people I will launch into a whole new state of my being.

. Schedule your Cosmic Code reading during April and you will also receive this 3-card reading.