Today we shift from the reflective Water energy of Pisces into the action-oriented Fire energy of Aries, Time for action.

The Fire element of this next month and especially tomorrow’s new moon delivers a powerful blast to initiate your projects, to build momentum and take action on your dreams, at least one of them. We will have a rare 2nd Aries new moon on April 20 so what we start now will get another big burst of energy for success in what’s started tomorrow.

Aries is the pioneer, starting a new season and a new solar year. This energy is impulsive, innovative and courageous. What that means on a personal level it is a time use this gift of energy to move your greatest vision forward.

Here are the 2 MicroCosmic Wsdom cards for Aries – the wayshower, the innovator and vision. Take some time in the next 24 hours to reflect on what passion you must initiate for the greatest good.

Be brave, don’t worry what others may think, use your light to show the way.