We may feel a welcome change of energy with the Sun having just moved from the mental thinking Air energy of Aquarius into the sensitive, feeling Water energy of Pisces. That sensitive soul energy is being doubled by the new Moon in Pisces. This day may have you wanting some solitude and deep reflection.

The dark of the moon is a perfect time to listen to your intuition and take some sacred time for nurturing your soul self. This is ideal for magnetizing one of your visions or dreams. Plant some seeds and trust. Be gentle with yourself. Pisces, considered to be the most sensitive and empathic of the Zodiac, can guide us into that deep well within to our inner wisdom. Listening to your heart and intuition is ideal for today.

Every one of your intentions, dreams, or vision is in the realm of possibility energetically. To support a BREAKTHROUGH, we may need to flush out any barriers that may be blocking us from receiving our highest POSSIBILITIES.

Working with the new Moon in Pisces, we can feel and dive into the Spirit’s infinite flow and align with our soul’s dream. Allow inspiration and guidance to flow to you from within and the Universe. Mind chatter prevents us from being open and receptive. Spend time meditating to open to receiving guidance. With a quiet mind we become more receptive to inner knowing. Pisces energy, like the depths of the ocean moves in waves, waves of quiet, intuition and emotions. Listen to your inner nature to surf and celebrate your deep waters. This new moon brings support for your intention, vision, and dreams to flow towards manifesting what you want. Be clear about what you want to feel, how you want your life to flow, and what you wish to manifest. You might also receive more clarity. What does your heart want? Rely on intuition rather than intellectual information and imagine your intentions from a place of feeling and creativity.

Spending some time at a higher vibration will encourage your intentions and waves of creative and spiritual energy. Getting to a higher vibe can be helped by doing something creative,enjoying beauty, love, awe and gratitude. Let Water’s Nature guide you.

Water gave humans the ability to see themselves, the ability to reflect. Water has hidden depths and much power of movement from ripples, raindrops to monsoons. Water is always in motion picking up vibrations everywhere. It has infinite possibilities of form, the flowing river, morning dew, steam and ice. Let Water’s Nature inform and guide you during this time in Pisces.

The images on these two Pisces MicroCosmic Wisdom cards come from the salt Iron Phosphate. Its red color comes from Iron. This salt is not only a reflection of the water element or a sign of the Zodiac, it’s very much present within each of us. Iron is carried throughout our body’s waters (blood) on hemoglobin. These waters of Pisces flow throughout us. How do you want to move them or be still? What will serve your watery soul nature?


Hold on, life is about to change. A major breakthrough is on its way. You may feel unglued as you venture into this unknown. Stay untethered from anyone else’s expectations. If others try to push you where you don’t want to go, set clear boundaries. Trust your intuition. Don’t get clouded by bad habits or addictions. Move towards wonder. Go full tilt, it’s time. Stretch yourself.

Water Elemental Wisdom
The Water element takes you into your emotions, intuition, and imagination. You like being in constant motion, without limitations. You have exceptional ability for reflection and empathy.
Pisces Mutable Water
Mineral salt: Iron phosphate


Dive deeper within than you usually go. Trust the potential of your inner work. You have unlimited possibilities for reaching your soul essence and true purpose. Be aware that the magnetic power available to you will renew you. This is a regenerative time even at your cellular level. Your path may seem to be meandering without focus yet know that it offers many possibilities for wise choices.

Activate Water Wisdom
Activate your Water Wisdom by being near a body of water. Enjoy a warm bath or taste something juicy. Your sensitivity, intuition, and dreams are profound during cosmic water times (Sun or Moon in Water signs.)