My first weekly reading for day and week 10-2-22

I have been using Colette Baron-Reid’s Shaman Dream oracle cards in my new learning about oracle cards. I’ve been studying with her and using this deck for the past few weeks.  So I first pulled one of her cards asking what did spirit want me to know for doing this first public reading

Many Masks – which essentially says be your authentic self, don’t hide behind who you’ve been or who people expect you to be- felt right on. Many Masks is about showing your authentic self – Right on for me since my self-label has most often been”scientist.” Be willing to come out of hiding and be your authentic self.

Now from my MicroCosmic Wisdom deck –

What is the wisdom for the group/collective for today and this week

MicroCosmic Wisdom: pulled both Libra alchemy cards

for today  card 33  Transformation (Air-Earth) Libra-Virgo

for this Week card 28 partnership (Air-Fire) – Libra-Aries 

Bring mind (Air) into alignment- alchemical relationships,  with body and spirit (Earth and Fire). End of this week is Full Moon Libra-Aries

Allow what you are thinking (Air) to engage with the felt tangible sense in your body (Earth) and ask what am I willing to transform in my life. Your body will let you know what is so.  Acknowledge that you recognize that you are in partnership with Spirit especially this week – KNOW it. Celebrate a transformative partnership by this full moon.

Insights – what was mind blowing – the cards were both Libra alchemy cards.  The sun is in Libra now and until 10-22.  Today the moon is in an Earth sign (Capricorn).  Transformation is the card for today alchemy of Air and Earth. 

The other surprise was the card for the week, the alchemy of Air and Fire Libra – Aries, full moon energy.   And the end of this week it’s full moon in Aries.  That rocked me. What they also said to me – Ignite your passion and let it emerge in the physical.  And as I do this I am letting my science mask fall away to make room for intuition and divination.