1. Align body mind heart and soul with a HUMMM

    • Our cells help us be in integrity, expressing our true nature. 
    • How simple if you’re willing to start humming. Repeating the sound MMM with lips closed and deep easy breathing attunes your cells to a shared vibration.  They resonate together, aligning all of you the physical, emotions, mental and the sacred  You most likely first feel the VIBRATION AND sound in your throat, chest, and heart.  Your heart beats its drum and  plucks its strings sending that same vibration frequency throughout your body.  When you do this long enough (could be 30 seconds or 10 minutes) all your cells arrive at the same place – NOW.  Beating together mind is embraced in that vibration and when we reach the ever-present NOW our soul aligns with us.
    • Your cells tune in and are attuned to the true you 

2. Breathe in Gratitude

Many sage and wise people remind us that the mere act of expressing/feeling gratitude brings us into alignment.  Keep a gratitude journal like Oprah suggests.Or when you awake in the morning, think about what you are grateful for. At the end of the day remember and write 3 things you were grateful that day.  Each time you feel and remember being grateful, you could hum and further embody your true self.  Or you could touch your thumb and first finger together. Or even sniff lavender.   Any sensory snack will further help all your cells engage in learning the state of gratitude, being grateful. Once more, wholeness is achieved– body mind, emotion and spirit.  The neurons that fire together (with gratitude) wire together.  Bringing the senses in anchors your feelings, body mind heart with being grateful.

3. Commit

When we are aligned, our cells vibrating together, mind present with them, new tracks are being laid down to strengthen this experience, you can more easily make change, commit to a new behavior, replace an old unwanted habit with one that carries the integrity of the whole.  Here is where intention and consciousness can direct the flow.

Three spiritual laws revealed by your cells

  1. Sanctuary
  2. I AM THAT
  3. Be in the NOW

Three health benefits your cells know about letting go

  1. Being attached to unloving repetitive behaviors can keep us stuck in a rut.
  2. Break out of the past. Let Go.  Cells that let go of some of their attachments move onto maturity. Letting go of negative habits cause our neurons holding that pattern to let go of their connections.  Neurons that fail to fire together no longer wire together.
  3. Changing our behavior changes our cells, gene expression and brain connections.

3 secrets of our cells pdf