I was recently interviewed by an international magazine and thought their questions compelling.  Here are my answers for you to consider.

What  is the biggest secret of human cells? 

The biggest secret – Cells are intelligent and they are always in the now, in the present moment, taking care of us.  What takes them out of now is what we are thinking and feeling.  This means if we are caught up in constant worry, our cells go into stress mode, the alarm of danger.  Our cells and our brain don’t know the difference between what is real or imagined.  Worry is something we are imagining – the what ifs.  When in the stress-danger mode, cells direct their energy away from maintenance and repair, making new cells, ensuring our health to using that energy to enable us to fight or run away.

if your cells get depleted of energy (they need to generate about 3 pounds every day), your mood suffers, your cognitive abilities suffer and you are more at risk for illness. 

Another secret  -cells are string instruments in their anatomy.  They respond to sound, music, movement, vibration, energy. 

How can we help our cells (and ourselves at the same time, of course) to live well and thrive? Any simple steps/exercises we can do? 

We can help ourselves and our cells in a lot of ways.

Be aware of what we are thinking/feeling and when it’s an imagined fear or worry, shift your attention to here and now.  Learning to meditate helps enhance your awareness of being in the present moment.

Pay attention to your body, scan it to notice are there any places of tension or tightness, relax.  Relax your shoulders, your jaw.  Tension uses up energy too.

Take your cells for a walk.  That helps relax your body and mind, generate energy even though you are using it to walk. 

Hum for a few minutes.

The simple practice of 5 minutes of humming the sound mmm as a tone or simple sound can contribute to your health and wellbeing. Its not even as complicated as humming a tune, one tone is enough.  Try humming for a few minutes before you meditate, you may even go deeper into a relaxed state. 

Practice gratitude

Every morning or evening writing down 3 things you are grateful for.  And you might even close your eyes and thank your cells, appreciate all they do to keep you well and aware.  Trillions of cells are involved in everything you do.  Love them, love yourself.