They tell us that wine, especially red wine, is good for our hearts. Certainly the molecules within wine contribute to our heart’s health. This photomicrograph of a red wine (sangiovese) reveals a heart within wine. Though not all red wines express hearts, those more likely to show us their hearts are organic and biodynamic as this one was.

Yet I think that it’s a lot more than molecules that add to our health and well-being. Don’t we usually share a glass with a friend, enjoy wine with food, and share engaging conversation and laughter as we imbibe?

Wine is a social experience and I believe that’s why it contributes to our health. Research shows us that being social, sharing time with other people is key to our health and longevity. So next time you pick up a glass of wine, take a moment to toast it for bringing so much goodness into you life. And as you savor that first sip, imagine whether this wine is showing you its heart.

Quintessa heart with glass