A few months ago I met with winemaker Pete Hoffmann who explored with me the potential that the energy of mental focus directed by crystals can change our pleasure of wine. I was an open skeptic willing to be open to the experience.

We sat in Graton’s Wildwood Cafe with 4 glasses of wine in front of us…. I won’t bore you with the details.

The wine we used was a Napa Valley cab. It wasn’t very exciting or complex to begin with, sort of harsh on the tongue.

The RESULTS surprised me.


The energetically treated wines totally changed their basic expression
One became much more metallic, another fruitier, and the third softer and more balanced.

And you know me, I had to take a look, compelled as I have been for decades looking for clues inside wine that tell their unique story.

This convinces me that my wine portraits capture the ENERGETIC EXPRESSION of a wine.

A few months ago at a book signing I had people send LOVE to a bottle of wine.  We tasted the ‘unloved’ bottle as well as the one we sent positive energy to – guess which one tasted softer?  I couldn’t SEE any micrographic changes but we did all agree on our sensory experience.  This also gives me a good idea why we pray with wine or bless it.  Please G-d, make this wine good.

What would your favorite wine reveal?