Whole Hearted BioDynamic Wines

Wines are often deemed hearty when they are full-bodied, rich and dense.

And when you look inside, some wines  reveal HEARTS as their major expression.  Is this expressing the heart and soul of the winemaker?

The first heart I uncovered in wine was hiding in a 2001 Quintessa, “Bordeaux Blend”  That’s the above Napa Valley beauty. The next one was another Bordeaux Blend, this time from Bordeaux, 2002 Chateau La Mondotte.







Then there was a sangiovese 2004 from Sky Saddle, the one on the right.

And another heart-filled wine was 2005 Benziger Oonapais Sonoma Mountain Red.

Since I had never uncovered hearts in my earlier explorations, or so I thought, I wanted to see if there was a common factor…..There was a major connection to hearted wines – they were all biodynamic wines.

Could the hearts inside reflect how ‘loved’ the vineyards were, how the land was taken care of, and maybe even the spirit of the winemaker?


Look at the accepted health role of red wine – its good for our hearts.  The metaphysicians would say ‘As above, so below.’

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