AstroElemental Reading

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Discover the AstroElemental Code of Your Birthday. From Science to Magic

Discover yourself in a whole new way through the hidden messages of your birthday. Unleash your elemental powers. The messages uncovered by your birth time and place tell a story of the elemental qualities that inform your life. This will also enhance your intuition and inner wisdom. We will explore ways to enhance your elemental gifts and make up for any missing element.

Please email me with your birthdata - date, time and place - and then so we can schedule a time for your reading.. Thank you.

The interactive AstroElemental reading lasts 60-75 min and is done live on Zoom. After the reading, you will receive both audio and video recordings of your reading plus a booklet of your elemental signature, images of your birthdate, suggested ways to amplify your elemental signature plus informational pages on the minerals and the Zodiac.

Thank you!

I will need your birth data - date, time and place of your birth. IF you don't have your time of birth, we can work with that.

Please email me with your information so that we can schedule a time to meet for your reading.

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