Getting to YES

Your Elemental Self, Soul, Signature

A 6-week live online program of wisdom teachings and practical experience of the four elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. From creation to molecules, astrological wisdom and your elemental gifts, discover the powers and gifts of the 4 elements and the Zodiac.  Here you will learn Your Cosmic Code and know how to uncover your Elemental Signature. Your Cosmic Code represents the big 3 in astrology (sun, moon and rising signs) and see how its epressed by the elements and MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards.  Your Elemental Signature is your birthchart expressed in the graphic symbols of the elements.  We will also learn together about our lunation birthday, the phase of the moon we were born under.  

The 4 elements are archetypal energies and aspects of consciousness.  You learn how to align with the elements for deeper self understanding and understanding others.  

We build this program from the myths of creation, nature, and the wisdom messages in our molecules.  Making this personal we look at our own creation, our birth charts and elemental powers.  We take our sacred gifts and create a tangible expression of who we are elementally.  As we work  with our elelmental geometric shapes we uncover what they tell us about our deep soul wisdom.  Here you discover how to enhance your elemental self especially if you are missing an element. We explore our inner nature, our senses and enlivening experiences with Nature, engaging our essential elemental self and soul to get to YES.

The four elements were considered to be the essential building blocks of the universe. The 4 elements are more than that. They are not separate from us, they are fundamental to life and are within us.  Discovering your elemental nature brings you into deeper connection with Mother Nature and your soul.  Is your inner nature more the Thinker or the Feeler? Are you the one who must see tangible physical results Now?  We each are endowed with all 4 elements, yet one might be stronger or even feel missing.  Cultivate and activate ALL of You.  

Our breath and the trees, invisible wind blowing our thoughts. Gravity hugging us to this planet.  Vision and light, soul and spirit.  Life is awesome.  Elemental explorations will enhance your practical knowledge and self-discovery.  Since the elemental symbols here are based on microscopic expressions of minerals that are in our cells, we will uncover their role in our health as we dive into their metaphysical wisdom.  

This program is deepened by the MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards.  You don’t need to own a set to benefit from their wisdom.  

When you SEE this magnificent invisible universe within and surrounding you, GRATITUDE AND WONDER are a result and say YES to life

How  you will benefit from participating in this program:

  • Discover YOUR elemental gifts and how to engage and enhance your elemental powers. 
  • Know that everything is connected, from your breath to the cosmos
  • Appreciate that molecules are more than chemistry; they carry messages from Spirit.
  • Learn how the Zodiac is a portal to inner knowing as are the geometric shapes.
  • Reunite and reclaim your Divinity – your YES

Introductory Video

All sessions are 90 minutes and will be recorded to watch at your leisure or if you miss one. 

Comments from students in previous YES programs:

“This is a huge gift as it helps connect with the universe and reminds you about the strengths and areas to improve from a completely different perspective aligned nature.”

“Your photographs of the mineral crystals helped me go way beyond my usual experience with astrology.  It was almost a primal response I had to the pictures.”

“I enjoyed the magical mysery tour of yours which was illuminating, instructive and enthralling.  I got so much out of it.”


Cosmic Wisdom


Where Our Journey Takes Us


Week 1.   Creation: Stardust, the 4 Elements, and Astrology 

Creation myths, metaphysical magic, and divine wisdom

The four elements and the Zodiac: Air, Water, Earth and Fire

Mineral salts, sacred symbols, and  MicroCosmic Wisdom

Your birthday, birth chart uncovering Your elemental signature and Cosmic Codes

A glimpse into Moon phases of your birth

Week 2.  Air, the invisible connector and the rational thinking self

Wind, Mind, Inspiration, and Imagination

The sacred breath and the sense of smell

Connections with each other and self.

Connecting ideas, people and creative expression

Air signs and mineral salts

Week 3. Water, the emotional intuitive self

Molecules of emotion, feelings, Your Emotional Self

In flow with our emotions, intuition and soul

Self expression, surrender and letting go

The sense of taste

Flowing with inner peace and AWE

Water signs and mineral salts

Week 4. Earth, the physical self

The solid physical universe, the body

Being tangible in the here and now

The sense of Touch and the sensual sensory you

What grounds you? What seeds are you planting?

Earth signs and mineral salts

Week 5. Fire, the alive self, energy, and action

Energy and love

Messages from Spirit

The sense of vision and insight

Your soul self in action and YES

Enliven and enlightening your life, your YES

Fire signs and mineral salts

Week 6.  Weaving together the Magic, the Mystery and Your Soul Self

What is Soul?

How do engage with your Magic

Enhancing Elemental Expressions

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