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The on demand Cell Wisdom program offered is Activate Your Cellular Intelligence.  It’s a 4 session program on the practical essentials of cellular wisdom. 

NOW ALSO to be offered is the live Renegade Cells and Healing starting March 29, 2023.

Who is this for?

  • Teachers, therapists, bodyworkers, parents, healthcare workers, curious adults and even teenagers.
  • Anyone wanting a basic understanding of how their cells work and how their choices – thoughts, emotions, actions, and practices – can influence  your health.

By participating in Activate Your Cellular Intelligence course you will:

  • Know and appreciate yourself in a whole new way.
  • Gain a new relationship with your body
  • Better manage your stress
  • Learn practical healing strategies to help enhance your body, brain and well-being
  • Experience gratitude for life, your cellular universe and all of you.


Did you know that you are a trillion-celled universe? Our cells live in communities cooperating with each other, living and dying without our awareness. They take care of us without our telling them to. Only two kinds of cells are with us throughout our lifetime, the neurons and heart muscle cells. Learning ways to keep them, and us healthy, is more than a science class. Our cells share an intelligence that keeps us alive. We can help them thrive.

In this on demand course, discover what you can do to engage with your cells to help you thrive. Learn how to be in partnership with your cells. Blending biology, bodymind health and experiential practices you will learn how to engage with the innate and sacred wisdom of your cellular intelligence. Explore how you and your cells communicate, what compromises their energy and abilities, how to lessen stress and better manage life’s challenges.

Our cells’ unique architectural design, especially the vibrating matrix of the cytoskeleton reveals an actual place in our cells where energy, vibration, sound and movement can stimulate cell activities and gene expression. Working with sound, imagination, creativity and the senses, we enhance brain functions while we embody and make tangible the intelligence of our cells.

Lesson 1. From cell to Self: Sanctuary – Meet Your Cells
What and where is cell intelligence
Anatomy of a cell and cell consciousness

Lesson 2. Identity and Energy: Cells are always in the NOW
How you and your cells say I AM

Our cellular defenders

Lesson 3. How Cells Learn and Network: Senses and the Brain
Our brain and cells don’t know the difference
between what’s real or imagined.  Imagination is POWERFUL.

Lesson 4. Guardians of Our Genes and Epigenetics
Changing the expression of our genes

Tapping into the sacred, finding Purpose, sacred symbols in our DNA

Learn on your own time and timing. Online, this was a 4 session course. I also taught it a version of this live in China as a 3 day workshop. As a bonus I am including the 23 page handout from the program in China. It includes material not in the original Activating Cell Intell program, like information on autoimmune diseases. When you sign into the Thinkific course, email me a copy of your registration and I will send you this bonus handout.

You will receive:

  • 4 video recordings of the class sessions
  • 4 audio guided visualizations
  • 2 Qigong instruction videos
  • 8 downloadable handouts of overview, outline of each class and at home explorations
  • A variety of supplemental reading materials.

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