Your Cosmic Code North Star Reading

Discover and Engage with your Life-changing Cosmic Code
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I now offer Cosmic Code readings, a unique expression of your astrology.Your Cosmic Code is based on your rising sign, sun sign and moon sign. Then we look at how to strengthen your Cosmic Code by find your guiding North Star which uses the structure of the Medicine Wheel. The guidance takes you more to YOU. See your Cosmic Code and North Star Guidance with the new MicroCosmic Wisdom (MCW) Cards.

I need your birth data prior to doing the Cosmic Code reading - DATE,TIME and PLACE.

The images examples - far left cosmic code, middle, cosmic code and north star, far right, 3 card past, present and future.

Readings are done live on Zoom and are recorded. You will receive a video recording of your readings. A reading lasts about 60-75 minutes depending on your questions and insights.

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