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Y.E.S.  Your Elemental Soul:  Making Visible the Invisible

This new program has evolved from 3 Elemental Courses I’ve taught previously (It’s Elemental 1 and 2 and The Elements of Life).  It has also evolved from all the many Secrets of our Cells programs and Book.  I wanted to marry cell wisdom with the elemental to see what they would co-create together.  How would that merger help us grow more into our sacred, creative and essential self?  

So I am excited to invite you to this expanded version of all my work – YES, Your Elemental Soul – to awaken you to your sacred self, the Elemental Powers you were born with, the gifts of your birthday. No program is created by one person though I may be the initiator and way-shower of some of this wisdom, it is your experience that expands and grows what is possible. This is an invitation to enliven the creative hidden dimensions of YOU. From Mind to Molecule to Mythic.

Molecules awoke one morning to find that atoms were inside them, enfolded in their very being. Cells awoke one morning to find that molecules were actually inside them, as part of their being. And you might awake one morning and find that nature is a part of you, literally internal to your being.

Ken Wilbur ~ A Brief History of  Everything

 realize that we are children of the stars.  The atoms within our bodies were forged within an exploding star aeons before the birth of the solar system… we are literally made of star dust.”  ~Michio Kaku, theoretical physics professor

You Star People are explorers attuned to inner knowing and seeking to go deeper to expand your consciousness and align mind body with your spirit. You are eager to open to discover your mythic self and know the sacredness of all things. You are curious and have an open mind to metaphysical explorations, astrology, scientific wisdom of your cells, creativity, and the senses. You want to know yourself better, have more meaningful relationships, enjoy life and nature more, and have fun, of course.

A journey – Where are we going?

We will dive through a new portal that makes visible the invisible into personally relevant wisdom for your life and creative spirit.  This new program will guide you to who you are elementally,  to engage all of your hidden powers, gifts and challenges plus as you dive deeply into your elemental soul , this initiation takes you to your sacred mythic self.

YES takes you into an alchemical, shamanic, and symbolic exploration of elemental(energetic) wisdom as uncovered by the microscopic photography of minerals of the Zodiac. I made an unexpected discovery while working as a cancer research scientist at the University of California Medical School. On the side, I spent time with children with cancer having them draw what they were feeling or how they saw their illness. Plus I was giving them slide shows of the hidden microscopic beauty of the body, its cells and molecules. Though I had no knowledge of astrology at the time or any desire to know, I thought that the minerals would provide more pretty pictures for the children to see. Little did I know that my microscope and I would uncover ancient occult knowledge hidden in our molecules.

What messages were revealed? How can they guide us to our inner knowing, self-love and understanding?  

The microscopic minerals of the Zodiac revealed specific shapes and designs that align with the energetic qualities of the four elements: air, fire, earth and water –

From modern science to ancient wisdom, we explore the elemental qualities of the Zodiac and Nature, our personalities and temperaments. We will also explore sacred geometry and symbols.  We dive briefly into the cellular universe, the physical sanctuary of our soul,  which will be generously paired with insights of metaphysical and elemental cosmic wisdom. You will engage your playful self to create your own personal view of your elemental nature.

What will we be doing?

Guided into the imagery of the microscopic shapes of the 4 elements, you will be working with the microscopic photographs of the minerals while learning how to use your birth chart to create your Astroelemental Signature.  No knowledge of astrology is necessary.  We are star people. All of our elements were birthed in the stars.  Why wouldn’t they have some cosmic message for us?  We also access the hidden and ancient symbolic language of the elements, the hidden symbols within us. 

Through lecture, visual presentations, reflections, creative expression, and guided imagery, you will discover and experience your inner powers.  With at-home explorations you have the opportunity to use your creativity to express your alchemical astroelemental signature in art, perhaps, a piece of jewelry, a sculpture, painting, or maybe even a dance. You will also have the option of creating your own elemental/symbolic cards or deck.  

Come play with us online on Zoom  for 9 weeks while we translate the beautiful messages in these elemental molecules of life, deciphering the alchemical code of your birthday and relationships. See the gift of your elemental signature to help guide you to align with the birthright of your inner powers, blessings and gifts.  As you expand your experience, wisdom and knowledge, you may want to create your own view of the elements and your Astroelemental signature and mythic essence as they speak to you. Exploring designs in Nature and Symbols of the Self helps to activate your experience of your mythic sacred self and soul powers, the gifts of your birth.

All sessions will be recorded so you can do this on your own schedule.  Recordings will be available for you to revisit and refresh your experience.


What I am hoping you will get out of YES:



Get started.  $295 for this unique program bringing together the cosmos, our cells and creativity.  The next YES program will be in SPRING 2021.

Bring a friend, share the cost and experience. (2 for 1).


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