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Who are you?
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A Way In

When I first started teaching the mysteries of our cells, I asked my students to complete the following statements:

I am . . .

I want . . .

I have . . .

How would you complete these?


We have multiple “markers” of our identity. We have a name, a gender, distinguishing facial features, and a family tree. We have numbers that tag us: A birth date and a social security number link our identity to our “money self,” to banks and other financial institutions and to our employment. As technology has advanced, we have become further identified by an ever-growing list of numbers and passwords that allow us to gain admittance to the virtual world of the Internet as “you.”

We have our profession, our role in a family, our religious and spiritual inclinations and practices. And if they fit into our belief system, we have an astrological sun sign, a tarot symbol, and perhaps a lucky number. All of these are, or can be, parts of our identity, as are our beliefs and actions.

How do you recognize yourself? Is it only by what you do in the world? By how people know and react to you? Is your sense of self externally or internally motivated? These are questions to contemplate as you begin to examine the parallels between your own sense of self, self-identity of the cell and your metaphysical symbols of your self.

Who Am I?

To give you some examples of all the ways we can recognize the self, here are some of the ways I answer the question “Who am I?” I am atoms, molecules, cells, thoughts, feelings, ideas, Sondra, daughter, mother, grandmother, friend, lover, work, spirit, love, sound.

In terms of metaphysical and symbolic traditions, from astrology I am a Libra-Scorpio; from tarot and numerology, the priestess, justice, an 11 and a 2; and from another metaphysical system, I am the queen of hearts. Consider: If one ascribes to metaphysical qualities, how do they add to our sense of self and life purpose? Where do such mythic or esoteric labels support our self-identity?

EACH symbolic clue adds to your character, or can. If you have a tarot reading, you will learn your personality card and other meaningful symbols. Similarly to that with a What’s Your Card reading, your will learn your lifetime card symbol and what other cards (energy, people, time) are closely connected to you and how your placement on the grid of 52 cards changes. You can discover patterns and cycles of work, love and communications. Here are a few websites offering card readings:


7 Thunders

Destiny cards

cARD bookI also offer What’s Your Card Readings and have found them very useful for myself. check it out for yourself and see how knowing that information enhances your identity.  I also offer Elemental Readings.  Are you an earth person, watery, firey or more in your head, up in the air?

“I AM—Recognize,” invites you to know that you are a sacred being. This is true even if religion is not part of your mind-set or way of life—your physical and symbolic nature are sacred expressions of you. There will only be one of you, ever; you are unique.



Recognize I AM THAT I AM.

Expand how you know yourself –  by going inside to listen, learning more about your cell self, or explore the symbolic aspects of your identity. Know your Cells and your Symbols.

Scientist-photographer author and teacher bringing together science, art and sometimes the sacred. PhD biochemist, post-doc in immunology and years of teaching mindbody health and sensory awareness. Looking within with a microscope my vision of the world has changed, yours might, too.