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If you think your immune system only fights off colds and the flu, think again! It is, in fact, a highly complex, protective and intelligent system that can bolster health and healing from head to toe. A number of factors like your diet, lifestyle, past illnesses, medications you take or the toxins and people you interact with on a daily basis, can all throw your immune system off balance. This can result in possible serious health conditions and excessive inflammation that worsens allergies and pain

 Making sense of the latest research on the immune system, this book brings together a practical understanding of the complex immune system with useful lifestyle strategies for keeping healthy.  Think of the immune system as your healing network that engages all of you—your mind, body, spirit, what you eat, do, and think. Unfortunately, immune activity can get out of balance with chronic stress, poor diet, repeated illnesses and infections, inflammation, allergies or autoimmune illnesses. From this book, you will learn what you can do to help maintain immune balance and cool down the damaging consequences of too much inflammation.

Practical and informative, from this book you will learn simple stress management and energy practices, what herbs, foods and supplements support immune health.  It also provides a plan on how to get started changing and managing your lifestyle to improve your health.

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