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The Path Not Taken
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Decades ago when I was a practicing scientist investigating how to see how human cells mature, using a microscope, I was invited to go to France to work with for a year with Dr. Marcel Bessis, a renowned microscopist and photographer.   That seemed way too long to be in a country where I barely speak the language and being a single parent over there, and so I turned down this opportunity, basically because I was afraid.

Afraid of the unknown, being in a foreign country, etc etc etc.

And now looking back, with both regret for not traveling that road, and awareness of my passion, that my enhanced vision to see and perceive things, needs to be shared to illuminate others to the majesty within.  

Once my vision was opened by using the microscope and then later, by the exploration of psychedelics,  the meaning in our molecules story began.  It actually started when I saw molecules of the brain magnified through a light microscope.  Seeing such inherent beauty and patterns, I wondered what substances that altered the brain and consciousness looked like.

And so I took another path that would not have been possible had I gone to Paris all those years ago.  So it is with great joy that I am finally going to share the messages in our molecules of film, that is digital expressions.  starting with TASTE, SO ESSENTIAL TO SURVIVAL.

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