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The Elementals and The Cosmic Code

The Fire Element  

The FIRE ELEMENT is about energy, spirit, the heart of our soul.  It’s about get up and go, self confidence, certainty and focus.

The Fire element influences how much energy you have for manifesting your spiritual essence, dream or legacy.

What are you burning to do?  Where is your passion?

How do you ignite the flame of your creative and spiritual self?


One way to activate your fire energy is to align with the cosmic forces of the Zodiac.  Use the symbolic map of the Zodiac.

Right now 112818, the sun is in a fire sign, Sagittarius, the moon is also in a fire sign, Leo.  Mercury resides in fiery Sagittarius also as does Jupiter. The primary cosmic energy for now is in code

For people like me, low in the fire element in their birthday signature or code, this is a time to harness our energy to the cosmos – with candles, spiritual ritual however you choose to enlighten and lighten up. 

To see how much fire you are endowed with from your birthday, do your chart at Astrodienst.

To discover more about your elemental code