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The Elements of Life:  It’s Elemental 3.0 

Water, Air, Earth and Fire


Why the 4 Elements

40 years ago when I was asked to photograph homeopathic mineral cell salts related to astrology, that was a no-brainer answer: NO.  The little that I knew about homeopathy precluded my answer -that materials are compounded with lactose and supposedly there’s not one molecule of the mineral in the cell salt, only energy.  I finally agreed to do the photography provided I would be given the pure mineral salts and I’d use the microscopic images to show children with cancer some of the beauty inside. 

But there was a greater force at work pushing this scientist towards the mystical and metaphysical.  After photographing the 12 mineral salts, 4 primary geometric shapes were revealed which aligned with the 4 elements.  That caused a ‘crisis of faith’  – how could a tool of science, a microscope, have uncovered such occult knowledge.  For the images of the 4 elements aligned with astrological symbols and symbolic understandings of the elements.  From these images I extrapolated  a geometric code to explore human relationships.  I remember telling my shaman teacher Tom Pinkson about this discovery.  He told me I had a responsibility to share this.  I agreed.  The next day I had pneumonia, not able to speak.  Guess my bodymind had another view point.  

Two years ago I began doing readings for people using the system I developed out of this information and I am learning that seeing one’s astroelemental signature helps us tap into our inner resources. This leap propelled me into exploring more about the elements and using more of my own intuitive wisdom(not easy for a card-carrying scientist).

The reason for this long introduction is to share with you the wisdom within us as I keep learning how to make it useful.  In this new course, I will teach you how to uncover your own elemental signature, how the elements manifest in energetic qualities and personalities along with the meanings of the geometric shapes and symbols in Nature and spiritual traditions. 

This is, of course, a work in progress and your questions contribute to making this growing knowledge even more useful and compelling.

In this 5 session online course we explore life to reveal secrets of the elemental energies of the Cosmos and Nature for personal health and the elemental expression of our soul.

We will explore the 4 elements – earth, water, fire and air –  integrating the metaphysical with the physical, spiritual and practical to uncover your intuitive wisdom  This expands upon the earlier It’s Elemental 1.0 and 2.0. 

Through this exploration you will gain a broader perspective of life and your elemental strengths and challenges.  Discover the opportunities of your energetic challenges.  In this new course you will learn the gifts of each of the 4 elements and how to build your AstroElemental Signature.  In addition to insights you gain during the course, you will have a mini-reading related to the balance of the elements in your birth chart. 

The Elements of Life online program will guide you to:

Introduction video

This 5 Session Course begins                    All sessions are recorded and will include mini individual explorations of the elements in your birth chart.

This program brings together ancient symbols with molecular messages and astrological wisdom, the senses, sacred geometry, psychology and personal wellbeing.  Moving from the cosmic symbols and microscopic mineral salts that gave rise to this fortuitous wisdom , we engage with our spirited energy of life.  Looking at all of life from this elemental perspective will provide you with tools, knowledge and skills to enhance your life, your relationships, and health.  This course will introduce you to the gifts of the 4 elements as they play out in the birth chart to deepen your wisdom and make it practical.

The Elements of Life

Module 1: Symbols of the Cosmos, 4 Elements, Healing & Indigenous Wisdom

We start this program on the Full Moon and explore cycles and symbols of the sun and moon.  As you discover how to  honor the cycles of the moon you deepen your connection with your self, Nature and the Cosmos.  By honoring and tuning into each day, we begin to connect the elements with the 4 Directions of Indigenous peoples as a way to enlighten our soul.  We uncover the rich resource of symbols and glyphs associated with the Zodiac and uncover the surprising discovery of AstroElemental Signatures.  We briefly explore the 4 Elements of the Zodiac and how they relate to how we perceive life.  We begin your journey into the hidden elemental energetic gifts of your birthday.

   Module 2: Water and Earth, the receptive, feminine elements

Water and Earth are considered to be the receptive, feminine elements and symbols of the Zodiac.  What are Feminine symbols?  The Water Element, the essence of life on Planet Earth represents our inner oceans and emotions. With the sun currently in the water sign of Scorpio, we  can more easily tune into our water nature.   In terms of personality, water reflects our emotional and sensitive self.   The Earth Element keeps us rooted and grounded in the here and now, the tangible world.  What role do these elements play in our individual lives? How do you approach life?  Is it more through the practical nature of the Earth element or are you more a feeler or thinker?  Learn how to make the most out of your elemental nature. Plant your feet in the earth, plant a seed and discover  sensual and emotional doorways into learning from these elements.


   Module 3:  Fire and Air, the active masculine elements

What does it mean to be an active, assertive masculine element?  Masculine symbols in astrological glyphs, sacred geometry and the tarot.  The sun has moved into the active Fire element of Sagittarius, which helps to light up our fiery nature.   Warmth, passion, and love of life are gifts of the Fire Element. Life depends on both the Fire and Air elements.The warmth and light of the sun stimulates growth and the seasons. We live surrounded by the Air element, breathing in its gifts and potential dangers.  Symbolizing Inspiration, the mind and the Breath of Life, how does the Air element guide your approach to life and social relationships?

Module 44 Elements and your AstroElemental Signature. 

What gifts, challenges and inner wisdom arise from your unique time and place of birth?  Each of us is born with innate energies and elemental qualities that we naturally express or may be challenged by.  Endowed with our elemental perceptions, strengths, and challenges we may resonate more with specific approaches to life – thinking, feeling, sensing, or intuiting.  You may be a thinker while your partner experiences life more through their emotions.  Can you learn to speak a common language or at least understand our differences without making the other wrong?  As you learn about these elements you gain a deeper understanding of your inner Nature and that of others.  This can assist you in bettering your relationships, communications, and appreciate how you approach and understand life.  Are you missing an element?  What can you do to remedy the missing energetic expression in your life?


   Module 5:  Remedies and Delights

Using our senses and nature we explore how to enhance our elemental nature.  Missing the fire element, how can you light more fire in your life?  Too much fire, now what?  No water, are you an emotional wasteland, how can you anoint yourself with the gifts of water element.  Discover which meditation practice, ritual, scent and sound, time in Nature  can bring about elemental balance and enhancement.