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The 4 Elements AWE + F un

 Air  Water, Earth and Fire




In this complementary one hour presentation, we will explore and experience the 4 Elements as fundamental to life and as portals into our symbolic, mystical and sacred life. What are the gifts of the elements? From Nature to astrology to your inner nature.  My intention with this program is to inspire you to engage with your sacred elemental self – the wisdom and gifts within you.  To make real this ancient symbolic realm to enhance your self beyond your birth sign element.  

Come join me in this free 1 hour program on Wednesday, August 31 at 5 pm PDT. 


As we journey into the beauty and wisdom of the elements, we will experience simple ways to tap into them to enhance our sacred sense of self.  We will also visit the expression of the 4 elements as captured in the MicroCosmic Wisdom cards. You will learn 3 strategies to engage with elemental wisdom.

Air element — with each invisible breath, we take in trillions of molecules that have been here for millions of years from all over the planet.  Our very life depends on this sacred breath.  It also connects us directly with each other and Nature. Air is associated with the moving mind, thoughts and communication.

Earth elementour Earthly body, solid and present in this moment is our worldly sanctuary while here on Earth to love, create, and honor our life’s purpose. Earth is associated with the body, the solid material world, stability, the here and now. 

Water element – Our waters, our emotions, our waves of feelings and emotional change and delight.  Water is associated with our emotions, empathy, and soul

Fire element –  our spirit,  life force energy ignites our vitality, our love and our potential. Fire is associated with spirit, energy and passion.


Engagement — what do you need more of now?


This free 1 hour program will be held Wednesday, August 31 at 5 pm PDT.  This will be recorded so if you can’t attend live but want the recording let me know. 

If you are interested in attending or the recording, email me  Email: Sondra@SondraBarrett.com   I will email you the Zoom link on Wednesday afternoon.

Have with you a journal and/or drawing supplies.  

My intention for what you will gain: