ENGAGE Your Elemental and Cellular Greatness. It's Celemental

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This 8-week online transformational journey provides you with knowledge, skills and experience from the depths of science and spiritual wisdom. Discover and experience the mysteries within you and unlock your potential for self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Each live 90-minute class is also recorded so that you can revisit any time. As you learn you will also be part of a community sharing insights and questions.

Please email me your birth data - date, time and place - since the elementals become more personal to you. Thank you.

This journey of self-discovery begins Wednesday, September 20 at 5 pm PDT.

COST: $297.

You will also receive a few bonus gifts to download.

  2. Sanctuary and Identify I AM
  3. Your AstroElemental Code, Your birthday gifts
  4. EARTH, Body, and the senses
  5. AIR, MIND the breath of life, thoughts
  6. WATER, Emotions, Intuition, and the flow of life
  7. FIRE, Spirit, energy, life, passion, and vision
  8. EXPLORE and Experience Your Elemental and Celf wisdom
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