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It's Elemental 2.0 - returning students


It's Elemental 2.0 - returning students 12

This new course takes you into the 4 Elements of Life with a focus on the Fire element. How does it manifest in a birth chart and what can learn metaphysically, physically, spiritually to enhance our health and well being. Discover unique gifts of the Fire element and how to strenghten this in your life.. We will engage with the elements in physical, symbolic terms as well as in Nature, our bodies and our cells..


Each of us is born with innate energies and qualities that we naturally express or may be challenged by. We may find ourselves more comfortable in certain environments. Are you an ocean or desert person? Endowed with these elemental perceptions, strengths, and challenges, we may also be more attuned to specific approaches to life – thinking, feeling, sensing, or intuiting. Come learn about these elements to gain a deeper understanding of your Nature.This can assist you in understanding relationships, communications and how you approach and understand life. Are you missing an element? What can you do to remedy the missing energetic expression in your life?

In this new course you will be guided to understand and even experience these elemental energies, learn the gifts of each of the 4 elements and how to build the AstroElemental Signature.In addition to mini-insights you gain during the course for this first course everyone will receive their own private reading.

Please email your birthdata - date, time and place to Sondra@sondrabarrett.com

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