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The 6 CORE Lessons

Awakening to Your Cellular Intelligence

We explore how to awaken and be aware of your cellular intelligence, cell health. This interactive course takes you into the design, activities and innate wisdom of your cellular life. Discover how you and your cells communicate, what stresses them and how to better manage life’s challenges. Our cells’ unique architectural design – the connective webbing of tubes and strings – provides a tangible place where energy, sound and movement engage cellular activities, including our genes. By embodying the information through sensory awareness, your knowledge, skills, memory and health are enhanced. By exploring your amazing cellular wisdom, you gain a new relationship with your body, can better manage stress or illness, experience numerous self-care healing practices and be more in the NOW.

In this program you get acquainted with your cells as a tangible physical part of you, the living stuff that makes up your muscles, heart and liver, skin and brain and everything else. Every part of you that’s alive is made of invisible very smart cells. You have trillions. Get to know how they work and manage all the activities of you and your life. Discover your role in communicating and nurturing your cells. Explore strategies and skills for living and aging well as we uncover the science underlying our responses to threat, danger, and pleasure. Transform your perceptions and experience of stress, enliven your life, and activate your inner healing powers.

Suggested reading Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence by Sondra Barrett, PhD. (Sounds True 2013)

 The intent of this course is to provide you with these benefits:

Each lesson builds on the previous lessons. The online course provides videos of the knowledge and skills for you to embody. Most lessons include a guided visualization to get you deeper into your cells and self. Many lessons also include supplementary audio and video files to support your experience. In addition, the overview PDF supplies a summary of the lesson’s content plus detailed descriptions of explorations and reflections to do at home. Starting with Lesson 1, a Daily Practice is offered, with new practices are added to each lesson.

The in-person presentation of this program incorporates these various modalities plus discussion and support.  

72 token cell Lesson 1. Awakening to Your Cellular Universe

goodmerged cell sanctuaryLesson 2. From cell to Self: I Am Sanctuary

150 energy manLesson 3. It’s All Energy

Lesson 4.  How Cells Learn:  Senses, Networks and the Brain

Lesson 5.  Guardians of Our Genes

Lesson 6Legacies. Pleasure and Renewal: Aging Well

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Sonoma State University