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Sacred Symbols
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I am always reminded of the awesome universe that is within us when I teach or give a presentation that includes photographs from the microuniverse; that people are indeed enthralled by the images. This image – could it be a mandala, a ripple in a pond?  This is a photomicrograph of the molecule that stores energy in our cells.  It is called creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine.

For decades I have captured inner views of our molecules and cells offering them as art and touchstones to learn about who we are and how we work, at the invisible level. Too often dismissed as abstract art by scientists, those of us who live the heart of the mystic explorer, visionary, can easily see in the reality of the shapes signs and symbols also included in sacred geometry. We know, at least, I know that these images reveal a lot more than their chemical value..

Sounds True, the publisher of my book Secrets of Your Cells, graciously included color plates of some of the most profound and telling photo-micrographs. My next goal is to somehow produce a film that ILLUMINATES more of the story. Here are a few clues to inspire you of the amazing world within. Not just the beauty but the possibility that this beauty of form served to inform our ancient ancestors to use them as a framework for spiritual teachings.

Where DID the ideas of the mandala come from? Did inner vision of DNA provide the principles of design and symbol? Check out this computer graphic of DNA – could it be a mandala, a design to help us focus on the divine?

DNA Computer Graphic – Robert Langridge

Sri Yanta

And what about those of  you who are curious about the sacred geometry used to build the universe? We see squares and pentagons, hexagons, too.  And from a  molecular perspective, we don’t have life until we have the hexagon, six-sided molecules – glucose, building blocks of DNA, and even cholesterol – all required hexagons.

Pentagons hold the structure of Vitamin B12

Silica magnified 30X

Then too, since I’ve entitled this blog as sacred symbols – what makes the spiral so important across cultures and time?  Not just galaxies and sea shells or vines grow in spirals, so does our DNA.


Did the trinity and the power of threesomes also come from our DNA?

Could the idea of creative triads originate from our biology?

Just think, the genetic code is  made of 3 letters;

as we develop embryologically, at 3 weeks we are 3 layers;

and of course, we have a triune brain of 3 layers as well – brainstem (survival brain), limbic (emotional) and cortex (thinking brain). Our heart has 3 layers.  Learning about all of this is as easy as the ABCs.

You can read a whole lot more about this amazing microverse that is us at many wonderful websites as well as from my book. Open yourself to question the source of ideas and sacred teachings that may have their roots revealed by science. Peek into the book at Amazon.

And you can purchase it at your local bookstore.  If they don’t have it, ask them to carry it.