Romancing our cells

A Courtship

Get to Know your CELLF

Inside & Out

Reclaim your GRATITUDE, for life, for your creativity, your cells, whatever moves you.

Engage in a Romance with Your Sacred Cellular Universe

while you learn about the science of your cells and

explore their/your healing wisdom and practices. 


Within the framework of art and science, and your creativity

this experiential and information-rich program will provide you with  the blessings of practical knowledge, skills and wisdom.

Embody your awesome Cellular Wisdom.




In this course, you will:

Begins October 5, 2022 11 am PDT.  8 weeks deep dive into falling in love with your cells, you and the wonders of life.  

We meet weekly for 90 minutes.  All sessions are recorded, unlimited access.

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Returning students SPECIAL 

For Both Romancing Cells and Cell Book Club students.




 Origins – You are a Sanctuary

We start with the discovery of our atoms and how they form molecules, which create the sanctuary of our cells. From there we begin to gain wisdom on what cells have to do to survive and what we can begin to do to thrive.  Open to the wonder of you and the Youniverse.



How do our cells identify themselves as a fundamental of immune health. Then we begin to look at how we identify ourselves – body, mind, spirit. Do have a mythical, mystical identity. Discover ways to empower your I AM   


I and Thou, Good Vibrations

Here we discover the foundation of our cells, the underlaying vibrating webbing or controller, the cell shaman aka cytoskeleton. Tapping into this we know and trust ourselves better.

Free download Secrets of Your Cells SOYC-chapter 4  Secrets of Your Cells


It’s all Energy

In this module we learn how our cells transform food into molecular energy along with our synergistic connections with Nature, the breath-giving trees. Going beyond physical energy we explore the energy of qi and love.  We also uncover how stress, real or imagined, uses up energy and how to lower stressful reactions.  


Cells Learn and Connect – Use Your Senses and the Brain Game

The brain can change and so can you. The gifts of your senses not only provide pleasure, they offer proven ways to change behavior.  Making a commitment to yourself becomes easier when you engage your senses as partners.


Genes, Hidden Codes and Universal Laws of Design

Our genes and DNA offer a perspective into sacred symbols as well as the scientific icons of today.  What protects the health of our genes and how can we take better care?  In this module we also explore 2 major impacts on our genetic expression – cancer and epigenetics.  We further look into sacred symbols in our biology to be able to use in creating rituals from the wisdom of biology.


Cellular Expressions and Divine Designs

Throughout this program we have explored our cells through the lens of science as well as our own intuition and creative expression.  In this session you have the opportunity to share your creative expression of your cells, your self, you divine nature.


The Elemental Cell

This final module brings all of our parts together, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Its intent is to bring you more in connection and gratitude for your essential elemental nature.  



New Students REGISTER here. 

Returning students register here.


Live streamed and recorded so you don’t have to miss a class if you can’t make it in person. 

Every class includes a visual presentation, experiential practices and  guided visualization, plus time to connect and Q and A.

 The content expands  my book Secrets of Your Cells.


Here are a few Secrets of Your Cells

Come Meet Your Cell MuSE. What’s Your Muse showing you?

A conversation about your sacred cellular universe –Interview with Shiloh Sophia