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Remembering Anna
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My life changed when I walked into a workshop being led by Anna Halprin in the mid 70s.  First I discovered that my body held emotions.  Who knew.

And if you danced or drew you could express some of these feelings you didn’t even know you had.  

That led me to working with kids with cancer having them draw how they felt or how they saw their illness.  Pretty weird for a research scientist

And then, some of you may remember when there were a number of murders on Mt Tam and we were afraid to visit our sacred mountain.

Anna called on us to dance and do a healing ritual with sound and our hearts.  Two days after our healing the mountain ritual, the killer was caught.  

And then all the work she did with people with cancer and AIDS, what a moving experience that was – to really embody your fear, your anger, your warrior.  

So many wonderful memories and life-transforming experiences.  My only regret that I didn’t stay in touch with her. 

For awhile I was on her board of directors of Tamalpa and I also interviewed her on the healing power of dance, which I am including here.  

I am so grateful to have known this amazing woman and grateful for all her wisdom.  

Watch this wonderful interview by Jamie McHugh of Anna at 96 remembering her college days as a dance student at the University of Wisconsin.  

Much of my healing work that goes beyond science is rooted in the wisdom I gained from Anna.  She will be missed by not forgotten.  


Scientist-photographer author and teacher bringing together science, art and sometimes the sacred. PhD biochemist, post-doc in immunology and years of teaching mindbody health and sensory awareness. Looking within with a microscope my vision of the world has changed, yours might, too.