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Will Coaching help you Awaken Your Healing Wisdom? 
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Questions to please answer to help us get started

  1. What is the main problem or problems that you are seeking to relieve or prevent?
  2. Is there a health condition that is challenging you? For how long?
  3. For your health problem, are you receiving medical care? How do you feel about the treatment plan?
  4. What’s the one thing you would like to gain from working together?
  5. Do you have support with your healing journey?

Questions for you to reflect upon:

Take a few minutes to write in your journal what you would like to change as you begin to create a deeper awareness of your bodymind.

Example: I have itchy skin, runny nose and a morning cough, which I would like to get rid of. I would like more energy and know how to deal with my immune problems.

Knowledge: THE 3Cs
In the field of health psychology and resilience, we have learned simple concepts that help people stay motivated and make change. These are the 3 Cs – making a Commitment, seeing the issue as a Challenge rather than a threat, knowing that you are in Charge, in Control of your life. Another C is the power of Community and Connecting with others around your intended change that will support you.

CHALLENGE vs threat often requires an attitude shift. Can you shift what you are thinking to a way of being more in CHARGE and control of the situation? Will taking on certain behaviors or practices help shift your thinking? Meditation, music, friendships can help.

What is it you are ready and willing to COMMIT to – is it for your health, for your family, for a bigger purpose. Will you do whatever it takes?

One other positive activity health psychology tells us that supports change – Tracking what you are doing to change. For instance, if you are wanting to lose weight – set SMART GOALS – be specific and realistic setting realistic and time driven outcomes.

Example: I want to lose 5 pounds in one month and eat no sweets during that time. In tracking, write down what foods have you eaten and how you felt after eating them.

Intention and goals
Your intention for healing could be as simple as having a healthier diet of more fresh vegetables and fruit. It could be you want to prevent getting an autoimmune illness that runs in your family. Or perhaps you want to lose weight to lower your risks for many illnesses. Write it down in your journal and be as specific as you can be.


I want to eat at least 3 servings of greens every day for the next month because I know that will lessen some of the inflammation in my body.


I will practice mindfulness meditation daily for 15 minutes for the next 3 weeks to see if I can be less stressed, less anxious, that my negative attitude can also lessen.

Having a “why” with your intention helps you stay with it.

When you don’t yet experience physical results, it’s easy to think that your new lifestyle change is not working. Keeping track every day and paying attention to the success or pleasure of keeping the commitment to yourself in yet another way to reduce stress. You are creating a greater awareness of your bodymind as you enter into this adventure.

Sample journal insights to include:


What I am feeling in my body, mind and emotions.

My level of energy when I woke up – low, medium or high

My tension or stress level

My quality of sleep last night

My most pressing health issue today:

My intention is

Together we will work to help you make the change/s you desire and learn what you need such as your own guided visualization practice.