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Cells and the Sacred 2.0  






Lessen Your Stress to Activate Your Healing Powers 


A Stand-Alone 3 session program to help you lessen your stress, improve your health, meet life’s challenges with more ease, and make the changes you want.  A perfect prelude to any Cell Wisdom course. All of Lesson 1 is free.  The rest of the course is $27.  

1. What IS Stress? 

  • Hallmarks of the Stress Response  
  • Consequences of Chronic Stress
  • Strategies for Managing Stress

    2. Skills for Change and Transformation

    • The MindBody Connection – How Body impacts Mind 
    • How the Brain Changes 
    • Strategies for Change- Imagination and the Senses

    3.  Activating Your Healing Powers

    • The biggest physical stressors: illness and pain
    • Lessons from an illness or challenge
    • The Divine Threesomes
    • Create a Healing Ritual



    The Elemental Cell,  4 week class  


    Activating Your Cellular Intelligence

    A 4 session program to meet your cellular universe and become aware of their amazing wisdom and how to engage with your cells.  This is an expansion of an earlier program Activating Your Cellular Intelligence bringing in more experiential, expressive arts, engaging the sacred. 

    Secrets of Your Cells Book Club Course.  Coming  Late 2021