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Awaken to Your Cellular Intelligence

Meet the Wisdom Keepers:  Our Cells and Mystic Molecules

A leap from science and the intelligence in our cells, this presentation takes us into the wisdom within our molecules; that they carry more than their chemical jobs in the body, they may even hold sacred wisdom. 

Through investigations with the microscope and explorations into inner space, Dr. Sondra Barrett reveals the story of hidden messages and symbols in our molecules and cells.  Starting with the microscopic shapes of tastes Dr. Barrett raises the question did our language for taste come from the molecules. Diving deeper into mineral salts, said to be associated with the Zodiac, we will explore a metaphysical language that links our molecules to occult wisdom and the energetic gifts of our birthdays.

Discover your own intuitive wisdom as we reveal surprising messages in our molecules. Prepare to be amazed at the sacred and symbolic wisdom within.  As above, so below.  Next Presentation on May 10


The Elementals  

Discover the essential elements of Life, from creation and our molecules to  cellular alchemy.

Diving deep into our mystic molecules we uncover the sacred geometry shaping life.  Twelve mineral salts said to be associated with the Zodiac, offer a microscopic picture of a metaphysical language.  This language of shape links our molecules to occult wisdom and the cosmic gifts of our birth.

Twelve molecules revealed four shapes distributing themselves according to the elements of the Zodiac: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. This elemental code mirrors Carl Jung, Nature and Astrology and provides another signature to know our selves.  In this program you will learn how to use the Elementals to know  yourself and others better

Biochemist,  author, and award-winning photographer Sondra Barrett, PhD, first used the microscope and photography to develop diagnostic tools for human leukemias as a cancer research scientist  on the faculty at UCSF. Medical School. Bridging science and the sacred, life and death, exploring shamanism and art, she began uncovering hidden messages of our molecules, first as beautiful expressions of art and then the shocking discovery that molecules express occult wisdom. Author of 3 books – Secrets of Your Cells, Ultimate Immunity and Wines Hidden Beauty – Sondra offers a unique look into the divine intelligence within.  



Shaping Taste

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