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Our Cosmic Origins
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We come from the stars. You may think that’s a metaphor? I did, until at a recent solstice ceremony the shaman quoted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson that we are stardust. That idea catapulted me into exploring a whole new worldview – our origins, astrophysics, and astrobiology.


Where do we come from? How did the first molecules come together to form a living cell? Where did the life force energy come form and where did those molecules and atoms come from? Stars and the Big Bang.

A few key elements in the universe, like hydrogen, helium and lithium were released from the Big Bang. And then as the cosmos expanded, all the other elements of life and earth were forged in the stars. They were released upon the explosive death of those stars. We are the ultimate recycle of stardust. From the death of stars comes the life of humans and all other living and nonliving things on planet earth.

Why is this important to know? Everything is connected. We are all made from the same stuff. The only difference is the configuration of the materials. No white or brown people only stardust people.

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing another book – God was a Biochemist. My origins as a biochemist had me, early on, in love with the amazing molecular universe of life. Since them, as I morphed into a mystic scientist/cell biologist I uncovered intelligence in both our cells and our molecules. I’ve fought that idea for decades but as I am well aged into my 8th decade, I feel its time to not be afraid of sharing such ideas. Maybe they will inspire you as they have me.

June 2019 I offered a new online course It’s Elemental, that expands these ideas. It is now in it’s 3rd Iteration as Elements of Life, a 5 lesson online course.  We’ve completed 2 lessons and the 3rd will be on Tuesday December 3 4:30 PT.  You can still join in as all the lessons are recorded.  For more information, check out The Elements of Life.


If you have been following the new biology, you know that cells are intelligent. Well so are our molecules. They have more information than their chemical functions. Consider the molecules of taste.

I will continue research our cosmic story and share it here and on future blogs and offer ideas on how you can connect with your cosmic elemental self.

A year ago I started offering guidance readings to individuals of the hidden story of the minerals associated with their birthdate. I was really surprised that such readings provided powerful insights to the people. As a scientist I have mostly trusted facts, not information that came from intuition or metaphysical explorations. Yet now that I’ve explored this doorway into knowledge I am excited to offer these cosmic explorations into the mineral molecules associated with the time of your birth. Consider these molecules, connected to the Zodiac, as cosmic messengers from the universe. A reading will reveal actual photomicrographs of your astroelemental or cosmic signature. Plus we explore together your gifts, elemental powers and challenges.   


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