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NEW MOON –  the time of each month when the moon is the darkest, meaning that the sun and moon are in the same place in the heavens, in astro terms that would be conjunction.

500w moon-phases-exlarge-169This sun-moon relationship

is a natural rhythm of our universe illuminating our nights

and affecting the tides –

from new moon to full moon.

A perfect time to begin new projects, ideas, for growth as the light of the night grows.

Following the new moon, we are coming out of the darkness with increasing light every night.

The new moon in Aries gives us a prodding of FIRE  energy, to get goingAries is one of the 3 fire signs of the Zodiac.  We are in the initiating phase of a cycle.

When the moon is in the sign of Aries, people tend to be highly enthusiastic. all fired up. So its a great time to ignite a new project into action yet beware of being too impulsive or war-like and watch your head, inside and out.   

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aries upright This is a photomicrograph of the mineral salt, potassium phosphate, associated with Aries.



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