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Even in that still moment, seeming silence –

our Atoms, Molecules and Cells are moving.

Movement is proof of cellular intelligence, according to some scientists.  After all, how does a cell know where to move, how to move, how to change shape to get somewhere else?

And the whole you, beyond your cells, must move to keep blood and lymph flowing, heart pumping, muscles working, lungs breathing, brain clearing.

Medical research tells us that people who are more physically active live healthier lives.  Why and how can that be? In fact, sitting has become the new smoking.  Our cells and molecules are in perpetual motion.

Having just returned from a good long walk, my heart is still beating faster and I feel enlivened by the effort.  The trek gets easier the more frequently I do it.  Yet this time I walked with spiritual intention to enrich more than my cells.  And so this post evolved from those steps on the hill.  Sometimes when I don’t want to walk – ego/mind talking – I simply say to myself that I’m taking my cells for a walk.  Since I don’t have a puppy my cells will have to do.

Why we must move is to get our cells engaged in activities beyond their relative stillness when we sit all day at the computer.  And more importantly when our cells have to stretch that influences gene expression – tensegrity.

Mitochondria and ATP molecules

When cells are ‘forced’ to take part in larger physical movements – walking a mile, dancing until you smile, they enhance their energy-making apparatus.  The more cells have to work to move us, the more mitochondria they make so that they can produce more energy molecules.  Movement does provide us with more energy-making abilities, not less.

The ancient shaman and energy practitioners talked about physical postures and exercises for building a deeper consciousness, spiritual awareness, insight.  On your walk you can stretch your fingers and toes, make faces and stretch your cells beyond their norm.  Runners, swimmers, get a molecular high from intense activities.  Can we also generate a cellular high?  Well, try.

It’s as easy as 1,2, 3.

The more we commit to moving  our bodies, our cells, and do it, the more our cells move us to new places in our consciousness.  Give it a go and tell us how you are doing.   3 days at a time….


Movement is also about changing our perspective, moving it beyond where it is now.

and if we paid attention, we would discover moving our bodies, moves our mind.

I don’t know about you, but I get stuck in patterns of behavior,

things I do that I no longer want to, like late night eating

things I want to do that I don’t

like moving my body more, stretching, really getting in touch and inside

and when I do I am in such a state of peace and pleasure, utter awareness

I am aligned, mind has moved with body, no more outside conversations.

so a double or triple benefit, when we move our bodies, our mind moves too.  Genes, too.