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If you have been intrigued by the messages in water according to Masuro Emoto’s work, discover the messages uncovered by the  microscopic photography of mineral salts associated with your birthday.


What’s your element?

How AstroElemental SIGNATURE came to be

As a medical scientist I was asked to photograph, through my microscope, 12 mineral salts said to be associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac. I was not “into” astrology, I was really a skeptic, but agreed to photograph the minerals since I could use those same images to teach children about how their body and cells worked.  At the time I was giving slide shows to children with cancer, images through the microscope of cells and molecules. I thought that they might find these images interesting and soothing.  Plus these would expand my Molecules of Life series.

When I was finished photographing the 12 mineral salts (in their pure form not as homeopathic cell salts), I was surprised to see that there appeared to be four distinct shapes: square, round, wavy, and hexagons.  Was there a category of 4 in astrology?  As a microscopist I was trained to look for patterns and themes in the microscopic universe so couldn’t help but be intrigued by this pattern of 4 shapes.  

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Barrett 300 IMG_ME2021 copyThe AH HA Moment

The photographs used to develop astromolecular elemental  code or signatures are photomicrographs of the cell salts.  I am now using this new molecular code to reveal people’s elemental strengths and challenges to help them uncover the work and destiny of their soul. I quickly translated the micrographs into simple geometric symbols, and began reading people’s birthdata to figure out relationships and who was I elementally, what were my weaknesses and challenges – could I find soulutions to remedy imbalances and enhance the strengths. And then a year ago after working with this material for decades I began offering guidance readings with this new mystical system, based on very old occult systems and the sacred geometry of our molecules .When the scientist in me clashed with the mysterious mystic.  

Here are examples of 4 of the 12 mineral salts of the Zodiac.

EARTH -Capricorn, calcium phosphate


WATER – Cancer, calcium fluoride


AIR element – Libra,Sodium phosphate


FIRE- Sagittarius-Silica

The framework for a reading depends on the 4 Elements of the Zodiac as revealed by your birth chart. Each sign of the zodiac is associated with one of the 4 elements – earth, air, fire, and water. 

Once upon a time in ancient astrology, each planet was associated with a specific part of the human body.  Centuries later, twelve mineral salts associated with those parts of the body were linked to the specific sign of the Zodiac and one of the four elements of astrology.

In the unique AstroElemental Readings I offer, we will discover together how the photo-micrographic images and symbols connected to your birth data tell a mystical symbolic story of your life. The elemental patterns reveal intuitive information about your alchemical nature, where your strengths are, what are your challenges and lessons, to bring together your elemental self with soul. The photomicrographic expression of your alchemical elemental signatureWhich elemental energy needs enhancing, and what does your own intuitive wisdom tell you. I make visual and visible your Astro-Elemental signature an opening into deeper wisdom within, that you may already suspect and not yet trust.

SCHEDULE AN AstroElemental Guidance Reading and get to see your unique signature and discover what it says about your hidden nature.


The elements of nature ground and heal us. 

To work with the elements is to be constantly reminded of our source. 

Alan Cohen in A Deep Breath of Life