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Awakening to Your Cellular Intelligence

Start date: January 31, 2019

End date: March 7, 2019

Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Location: Sonoma State University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

About the course Six weekly sessions to educate about your cellular intelligence and how to access it for health, healing and transformation. 

Explore how to awaken and be aware of your cellular intelligence. This course takes you into the design, activities and innate wisdom of your cellular life. Discover how you and your cells communicate, what stresses them and how to better manage life’s challenges. Our cells’ unique architectural design – the connective webbing of tubes and strings – provides a tangible place where energy, sound and movement engage cellular activities, including our genes. By embodying the information through sensory awareness, your knowledge, skills, memory and health are enhanced. By exploring your amazing cellular wisdom, you gain a new relationship with your body, can better manage stress or illness, experience numerous self-care healing practices including qigong and be more present in the NOW

 Our cellular ancestors evolved their molecules and life skills to survive and thrive for eons. Imagine what they can show us about life. We explore through science, body practices, art and ritual how to manage and the flow with our cell wisdom and energy.

Each of the 6 sessions builds on the previous session.We start with anatomy, architectural design, and basic responses for Life. Then how to communicate celebrate, and nurture your cells, maybe even fall in love with them. Diving into the vibrating resonant fabric of our cellular universe we uncover the where sound, imagination, and movement play a role in your cellular wellbeing and intelligence. This unique anatomical feature provides a framework of how energy, vibrations, song and the senses can engage with each of your cells. We are string instruments.

We learn best when we embody and experience the information. Simply reading or listening is not enough. Quoting Yoda, No try, Do.

The learning in this course uses our senses, body, mind and engaging with our selves, our cells. Teaching modalities include visual presentations of inner space, guided meditations, qigong, sound, movement and discussion.  There are also additional at-home explorations if you are so inclined.  


The 6 lessons:

Session 1.  Awakening to Your Cellular Universe

Session 2. From cell to Self: I Am Sanctuary

Session 3. It’s All Energy:  the Fabric of Life

Session 4. How Your Cells Learn; Senses, MIND, Brain and Behavior 

Session 5. Guardians of Our Genes

Session 6. Legacies. Pleasure and Renewal: Aging Well

OLLI SSU Catalog Winter 2019