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The Elemental Cell: Fall in Love

We seek outside

the wonders we carry inside us. ~Rumi

Where shall my soul dwell?  Where is my home?

Our physical home is a universe of trillions of invisible cells.  Cells carry within them the wisdom of the beginnings of life, how to survive and thrive. They are the sanctuary of your soul, spirit, dreams and  inner beauty.   

Come join our circle of cells and discover how to create a wonder-filled loving and healing partnership with them.  This vast community of invisible individuals communicate, collaborate and connect to keep us alive with love.  

A Video Invitation

In this video and guided visualization I teach about the HUM – here is more information on that.  on the hum for el cell.pdf

CELL PLAYBOOK:  Basic information about cells wisdom, embodiment exercises and other explorations to get to know yourself better.

The Elemental Cell, a 4-week program, takes you on a journey inside to get to know your cellular family. The intent is to help guide you to the almost magical knowledge and skills for knowing yourself better, for healing, self-caring, and inner wisdom. It will also provide you with powerful healing skills and wisdom held within the invisible you.  Weaving cell biology, cosmic alchemy with practical skills and ritual, The Elemental Cell reveals how to access your hidden powers.  At the end of the 4 weeks online course you will feel enlivened by the science made practical along with the metaphysical gifts of your elemental nature.  You may even feel emboldened to admit that you have fallen in love with yourself, your cells and life. 

Jump into this unique offering and strengthen the divine partnership between you and your cells. It’s all about relationships – molecular, cellular, human and nature. 

Nurture self care, cell care, cell love


Register now. 

COURSE STARTS FEB. 2. You can watch a recording if unable to make the session live.  And you can start even if you missed the first session.  All recorded.

Discover how to connect with your invisible ancestors and molecular allies to help you thrive, heal, and experience joy and wonder.  This program will delve into the molecular and symbolic elements associated with the Zodiac and Nature to interweave metaphysical symbols with science that you may find useful and illuminating.

According to the Desana people of the Amazon, the inherent stability of the natural world is rooted in a vast web of reciprocal relationships that have always existed between all elements of nature.  A reciprocity  exists in harmony with  all the rest of the universe.

Why the Elements? If we look at the elements as their physical qualities, it’s easy to see how they relate to us as a cellular universe… Air (breath, mind), Earth (physical, body, senses), Water (fluids, emotions, soul) and Fire (energy, will,spirit), now to expand this to the metaphysical or mystical.  We can view the elements as portals of perception, the lens we use to view life.  Discover how they can take us deeper into our inner knowing, our sacred wisdom.  Come discover for yourself different ways of knowing you.  We delve into how our cells work along with their amazing design and hidden beauty plus how to tap into this for practical connections and intuitive wisdom.

Discover the exquisite design and architecture of each cell such as the vibrating fabric or webbing (seen here) that moves and vibrates and influences how each cell responds to information.  Just think at a cellular level we are string instruments, a simple hum or beautiful music can attune us cell by cell.

This journey takes us from the elements of stardust to our cellular soul. We will entertain an inquiry that may intrigue you – are our molecules and cells more than biology, can they be sources of sacred or metaphysical wisdom? Can molecules carry messages more than their chemistry?


Molecules awoke one morning to find that atoms were inside them, enfolded in their very being. Cells awoke one morning to find that molecules were actually inside them, as part of their being. And you might awake one morning and find that nature is a part of you, literally internal to your being.

Ken Wilbur ~ A Brief History of  Everything

This 4-week 90 minute online class, livestream (watch live and/or later) starts FEBRUARY 2, 2021(2.2. 2021.  The curriculum includes compelling visual presentations from art and the microscope, guided visualizations, experiential practices, discussion time for questions, and creative explorations.  Have you ever drawn your cells, honored the elements, celebrated your self?  Come play with your cells, they will love you for it. 

If you feel drawn and curious to discover your cell wisdom, this is for you.  The science will be simple and easy to understand; the practices are useful and effective, the journey will help you embody and care for you.  


What I hope you will get from The ELEMENTAL CELL program:

 It is my hope that this program will invite your imagination as well as educate.

Our next breaths, yours and mine, will sample the snorts, sighs, bellows, shrieks, cheers and spoken prayers of the prehistoric and historic past.~Harlow Shapely

WEEK 1. AIR, THE BREATH OF LIFE:  MIND and MITOCHONDRIA.  Everything is connected. 


WEEK 2.   EARTH: Structure, Body &  Vibration




WEEK 3.  FIRE:  LIFE, Energy, Love, Spirit and Courage



Water made possible humans’ be able to see themselves, in reflection.

WEEK 4. WATERS: Receptivity, Emotions, Flow and SOUL 



 Why Me, Why Now?

I have been photographing cells and molecules through the microscope for more than 40 years and you would be amazed at what they reveal. I first used the microscope as a medical scientist for cancer research. Then I discovered that the microscope could be used for more than science. You will be surprised by the beauty and sacred wisdom hidden in your invisible cells and molecules. Come join us on this journey into inner space, your beauty and sacred wisdom. The elements came to me when I photographed 12 mineral salts related to the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  What a life-changing discovery!

I am feeling called now to share these wonders with you to awaken in you the awe I have felt on seeing what we are made of. The intelligence held within the trillions of invisible cells may surprise you. So many of us may be feeling so disconnected from ourselves, each other, and peace and safety, now more than ever it’s a blessing to be able to discover our essential elemental healing self. 




If you want to go more in depth with your cells, please check out my book Secrets of Your Cells:  Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence