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I have been puzzled by this Covid-19 virus, asking whether they have some kind of intelligence or consciousness.

After all viruses are only a conglomeration of chemicals – Genetic material (RNA), proteins and lipids.

They are only molecules.  They are not alive.

To be alive, something must be able to reproduce.  Well, viruses can’t reproduce on their own.  They need living cells to reproduce for them.

So does that make them smarter than living cells?  They don’t need all the complicated machinery necessary for producing more viruses.

They simple parasitize living cells, if they can get into them.  

Last year when this pandemic started, I was struck with the genes that this virus had.  They had genetic information to tell the living cell to make proteins that diminished its defenses. 

And then they mutate, why?

Is their goal SURVIVAL, like living cells?  Mutate to create more viruses, how do they know to do that? 


When I read this article it reminded me of when I used to grow heart cells in petri dishes.  They would beat with their own rhythm and after a period of time, they started to beat together in resonance.  resonating together.  You could SEE that shift.


with how viruses infect cells


From WHO. More information on Covid

Stay safe, where a mask, socially distance and wash your hands.


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