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Working Together Towards Awakening Your Inner Wisdom


As a Cell Health Coach I focus primarily on your healing and your desired lifestyle changes. If you are suffering with a chronic health condition, cancer, or stress and want guidance to help you manage and lessen your suffering, I can help. We will meet online for you to answer some questions so that I know what you want to focus on. Then I will deliver for you a specific guided visualization, This is a shamanic approach to healing and I have been doing this for decades.  I also will  suggest some specific lifestyle interventions.  Initial sessions are one hour. If desired, I can support you with follow-up session online, can be from 30 minutes.

Following the guided meditation, I usually have the person draw what they experienced during the guided visualization, which allows you to tap into their own internal wisdom.  At the end of any of these sessions, you will receive the audio file of the visualization.  I will also give suggestions on what to do next.

Cell Health Mentor

For those who want more in depth training in cell health or molecular wisdom, I mentor people who want to learn more to enhance their professional skills. Another option is to mentor you to enhance what you want to learn more about in terms of cell wisdoms.  This will expand your learning to help you develop a program for the health of your clients.  This takes on more of explaining information and planning a possible program that you can use. 


Both Cell Coach and Mentoring sessions last an hour depending on your needs and questions. One hour sessions are $125 USD

The easiest way for us to get started is for you first to answer some questions  and  have a short conversation to determine if working together will be useful for you. If we both feel that you can benefit by working together we will set up a private session. One session may be enough.The first short (10-15 minutes) conversation is complementary.

For more information or to schedule a session, email me sondra@sondrabarrett.com to determine whether a coaching session will help you.