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You are invited to explore Cell Wisdom –

practices and knowledge for health, healing, and change

The next Cells and the Sacred program begins May 4, 2022


Romancing Your Cells

This is an invitation to fall in love, with the wonder of your cells and your self.

it will be a variation of the content below, with more experiential and creative expression.



Get to know your cells as SANCTUARY, as I AM – A LOVE STORY



Discover the sacred wisdom and practical knowledge within you. Explore and embody this wisdom provided through science, experience and creativity. 

Get engaged with the amazing structure of your cells – meeting membrane, mitochondria, genes and the cytoskeleton.  Feel gratitude for these invisible ‘creatures’ that keep you alive.  Fall in love with the inner you.

Reclaim a sense of the sacred that lives inside you as revealed by biology, art,  and ancient traditions. Discover where energy, sound and vibrations affect you at a cellular level.

Your health and well-being will be enhanced by engaging with the intelligence of your cells.  Experience your cellular shaman and the power of imagination. Such skills and practice can deepen your self-knowledge and self love. Creating a relationship with your cells connects you with your inner wisdom.

Romancing Your Cells offers a fundamental experience of the wonder, beauty, and divine nature of the inner world that connects us to our own soul and the sacred.

CELL: the smallest functional unit of life.  Your body is constructed of trillions of cells that collaborate and collaborate for your life.Discover how you and they communicate. Use their gifts and intelligence to create healthy behaviors and new habits.  Explore their amazing design.

SACRED: The fundamental recognition of the wonder, beauty, and divine nature of the world. An essential quality of life that connects us to our own soul and divine nature.To find meaning we must reclaim our sense of the sacred.

Beyond the knowledge and skills you will gain, this practical foundational program will support you in making change. With the resources of your cells and their sacred wisdom, you learn to tap into them to support your wellbeing. What would you want to change about your health?  You will be encouraged to use your creative sparks to deepen your experience of this wisdom

The book talked about in this video – Cells and the Sacred became Secrets of Your Cells when published by Sounds True in 2013.  Now in 8 languages.  


Secrets of Your Cells book can supplement your learning. Download Chapter 4 The Fabric of Life

Sample  Cell affirmations  

Each class includes a live visual presentation, guided visualization, and discussion.  The visuals include many original photomicrographs of the inner space – cells and molecules – we are exploring.  You will receive a weekly playbook, as added support to engage with your cells and creativity.  You are encouraged to keep a daily journal to connect all of you as you learn.  Should you want to bring in your creative spirit, you might discover a desire to create cellular art – draw what you sense about your cells, or cell affirmation cards. Be guided by your intuition.  And though this is a science-based program it is embellished with art and the sacred.  

The Layers of the Cell, short video






  • Cells recognize patterns 
  • The Decision maker,  Fabric of life – cytoskeleton
  • Cell as Shaman – imagination shapeshifting life



  • How cells and the brain learn- recognition, repetition and anchoring with the senses 
  • Connection and community, ENERGY, support and communication
  • Neuroplasticity and networking
  • Stress and peace


4.  CELL as CHANGE-MAKER:  GENES, how are they changed? 

  • The genetic code, genes, nuclear and mitochondrial
  • Cancer and genes
  • Epigenetics, lifestyle changes the expression of our genes
  • Cells letting go of tensions change gene expression (cell Buddhism?)
  • Cell sacred symbols: spirals in Nature and ancient art



  • SELF RECOGNITION:Immune and Mind, boundaries and identity
    • PsychoNeuroImmunology
  • Recognition of Self, from biology to mythology
  • Embrace, Connect, Claim/choose


  • Who are you as a sacred creative mythic being
  • What have your cells taught you?
  • Life and death
  • Rejoice
  • What’s next?





By participating in this program your wellbeing and wisdom will be enriched by:

  • Meeting your cells and exploring how to communicate with them 
  • Engaging the wisdom and practical knowledge within you
  • Learning experiential practices that engage your body, mind, cells, and spirit.
  • Deepening your relationship with yourself. Falling in love as you discover your cell partners in life. 
  • Experiencing support for making change  
  • Making a commitment to your wellbeing.