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A Courtship, Get to Know your CELLF Inside & Out


“Know yourself. Feel yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Take good care of yourself.

You are your most precious possession on Earth.” ~ Robert Muller


Reclaim your GRATITUDE, for life, for your creativity, your cells, whatever moves you.

Engage in a Romance with Your Sacred Cellular Universe

while you learn about the science of your cells and

explore their/your healing wisdom and practices. 


Within the framework of art, science, and your creativity

this experiential and information-rich program will provide you with  the blessings of practical knowledge, skills and wisdom.

Mind and Body contain your awesome Cellular Wisdom.


In this course, you will:  

The Curriculum details. Learn more.


Begins October 12, 2022 11 am PDT. 


8 MODULES  into falling in love, caring for your cells, yourself and the wonders of life.  

We meet weekly for 90 minutes.  All sessions are recorded, unlimited access.

Reserve your spot in the class.  New students register here. 


We are now in the 6th session,

you can still join us and enjoy the recordings from earlier sessions. 

Most live classes are now at 5pm PST, no class on Nov. 23rd


Returning students SPECIAL 



Returning students from ALL Cell programs including Romancing Your Cells and Secrets of Your Cells Book Club.