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Cell NetWorks
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When you think of a net work – what does it look like?

Our computers network with other devices invisibly… how does THAT happen?

The neurons in our brain and body build networks connecting through  molecular embrace, electrical impulses and contracting tubes and trembling strings.

And in each one of us


create  a network of vibrating energy.

This wonderful drawing of Buddha on the cover of Tricycle  illustrates strings of connections, networks throughout the body.

And this illustration from Scientific American’s “Architecture of Life”  by  Dr. Donald Ingber

reveals the net work within each cell. Looks just like Buddha.

The fabric network of our cells sing your song.

Get in tune, attuned.



This photograph (below) through the microscope shows an actual cell and its stretchy elastic network, holder or shaper of inner intelligence.



The cells tell us to stretch our netting to make change softer. The fabric of life has us covered.

Hum and move. Your cells know how to change, be flexible, stretch a little and relax.




Scientist-photographer author and teacher bringing together science, art and sometimes the sacred. PhD biochemist, post-doc in immunology and years of teaching mindbody health and sensory awareness. Looking within with a microscope my vision of the world has changed, yours might, too.