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The live  ELEMENTAL CELL course is over and may be available December 2021 


The most recent live in-person workshop was in China 2019.

Awaken to Your Cellular Intelligence: Hidden Secrets of Your Cells for New Knowledge and Practices for Healing. 

October 25-27,2019 in Beijing, China


Awakening Your Cellular Intelligence at Sonoma State University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute



I love how you explain the impact of stress on the cells. I really appreciated the supplemental materials and the posting of the recordings.  New info and extended my knowledge of Cellular memory, cell energy, damaged DNA, the cytoskeleton, and neuroplasticity.  Very evident you put a lot of time and effort into these beautiful slides! ~Terry R,  San Mateo, CA

I finished the course already and loved your slides, You have a very calm engaging energy for extra effect. This is the information I so needed in my life!  I was unable to stop this pathological addictive multitasking (MT), unable to focus. Such an amazing tool. Seems just trying to stop multitasking was not helpful, but the humming made it possible as it grounds me, keeps me relaxed during the day and is very helpful. Now if I feel  that scattered energy inside, I recognize it and start to HUMM. Like you say, awareness is key so when I feel the addictive urge to MT, I start humming! I never knew why I always had cold hands and feet, not good for a Reiki Practitioner and RN. With the hum, my hands and feet warmed up.  Now I know why,  Humming releases nitric oxide, which initiates vasodilation. Humming works and my hands tingle instead of being purple all the time! Humming is now added to my bag of tricks to pass along to my clients! Stay in touch about more of your online courses! They work for me! ~Karen E, Vermont

Your Stress Less sessions were absolutely wonderful and I learned a lot. I found your sharing your knowledge about cells and cancer as well as information about guided imagery to be very enlightening! Thank you! ~Elana P, Tampa, FL

Reflecting on the online workshop you offered, I think the main shift for me was to begin creating a different relationship and mindset with my cells. I am in communication and ideally in coherence with my cells through mindful movement. With the question you posed,  how would my cells like to be treated, with gratitude, a great practice and one I am prioritizing. ~Charlene R, New York

If you want to go more in depth with your cells, please check out my book Secrets of Your Cells:  Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence

CELL PLAYBOOK:  Basic information about cells wisdom, embodiment exercises and other explorations to get to know yourself better.  This is NOT the whole book of Secrets of Your Cells, rather its a compilation of what I have taught in my many cell wisdom classes and workshops.